About Us

Orean is a private label cosmetic manufacturing company based in West Yorkshire.

The services we offer are flexible and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Our dynamic, passionate team understands the fast-paced cosmetics market, striving to help you deliver innovative unique products.

We can provide expertise and guidance through the whole product development, manufacturing and production process. We work closely with our packaging and ingredient suppliers to enable you achieve tailored solutions and bespoke products.

Technical & Product Development

Our experienced Development Team keeps abreast of industry trends and ingredient launches in order to support our customers and offer new, exciting and innovative products and claims. They are adept at providing creative solutions to customer briefs whilst maintaining commercial viability of the project and product.

We encourage all our customers to spend some time in the lab towards the end of the product development process to further understand their product(s) and process.

Manufacturing & Production

We have a large selection of manufacturing vessels to allow us to offer a range of batch sizes and process methods specific to the needs of your brand and products.

Our production filling lines have very flexible capabilities in terms of component type and fill level. Our equipment allows us to expertly fill a range of components and product formats including; airless packs, bottles, jars, tubes with simple surfactant systems, emulsions, gels and powders.

Sales & Customer Service

Orean is a customer focussed company. We spend time to understand your goals and brand vision to enable us to provide you with a truly personalised service form the start. We get to know your target pricing, launch dates and product specific requirements so that we can offer advice and solutions

Customer confidentiality is one of our key values and is respected by all members of our team. We pride ourselves on or reputation and integrity and believe this has been and will continue to be key when building relationships with our customers.


Orean understands how important quality is to our customers and to our reputation as a premium contract manufacturer. We strive to achieve excellent quality standards ensuring that this is embedded in the culture of the company and our teams. We continuously test, measure and check all aspects of the manufacturing process to ensure consistent high standards.

In addition, our experienced in-house Quality Assurance team ensure that all finished products meet the relevant specifications and customer requirements before leaving our site.

Third party microbiological testing is conducted on all our batches to ensure regulatory compliance.

Please see hyperlinks below to some of our Quality Certifications.

ISO 22716 Certificate to January 2016
FDA Registration certificate 2015
ISO 14001 Certificate to January 2016
ISO 9001 Certificate to January 2016


What is your MOQ? The MOQ is determined by the formulations; we can make very small batches in the lab, but this is expensive. ¬†As a guideline, 250kg would usually be the smallest economically viable batch size. We can do smaller runs; however, the cost escalates dramatically due to the same set up costs being …