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  • What is your MOQ?
    The MOQ is determined by the formulations; we can make very small batches in the lab, but this is expensive. As a guideline, 5,000 units would usually be the smallest economically viable batch size. We can do smaller runs; however, the cost escalates dramatically due to the same set up costs being spread over a smaller number of units.
  • Which skincare brands do you work on?
    We work with clients respecting their confidences and so it would be inappropriate to detail the brands that we are working with. On a site visit you would be able to observe some of the brands and products that we develop and manufacture. You will appreciate that our customers do not want their competitors to know where their products are manufactured as they may be concerned that the competitor could approach Orean with a view to commissioning a similar product through the form of a benchmarking brief.
  • How efficient are your manufacturing processes?
    Orean’s production yield is consistently at or above the industry norm, which is wastage of between, 3-5%, (depending on the pack format). This will also vary based on the specific packaging and formulation as well as the size of the production run per SKU. In some instances our efficiency can be as high as 99% on high volume runs.
  • Do you have access to all the major ingredients suppliers and how many ingredients do you stock?
    This varies month on month. We comply with the industry best practice in the handling and storage of our stock of raw materials. We work very hard with all of our clients to minimise the cost of obsolescence. We will formulate according to our customer’s requirements and we offer a very bespoke service when required. We have access to all the major raw materials suppliers and they often approach Orean in order to present new and innovative raw materials to us before other manufacturers because of our flexibility and speed to market.
  • Are you organically authorised?
    We are organically certified.
  • Please provide an overview of your compliance expertise and experience?
    Orean’s Technical & Development Team have extensive compliance expertise and experience and our accreditations can be found on or Services page. We have assisted our clients with full filling all of the relevant regulatory requirements in the UK and many overseas jurisdictions.
  • Please provide an overview of your sourcing/procurement capabilities?
    Orean employs a full time Procurement Manager. Also the Commercial Team has extensive experience in the selection and sourcing of packaging. We provide a highly effective and efficient Full Service (including the selection and sourcing of packaging) to a number of our existing key clients.
  • How do you manage the procurement and costing of exclusive raw materials?
    We have a dedicated Procurement team headed up by a very experienced manager of supply chains. Raw materials that we purchase that are exclusive to a client are managed very carefully, where possible procuring only that which is needed to fulfil an order and stored separately to the bulk of raw materials. If, due to a high MOQ, we need to buy a surplus of a material that is exclusive to one client we would explore options with the client for spreading the cost. The options available will be specific to individual customers and will depend upon Customer Turnover, Value of the exclusive raw materials, duration and strength of the relationship.
  • What spare capacity do you have within your factory?
    We usually work two production shifts a day, 5 days a week. Throughout varies week to week and (sometimes day to day), but on average we run at approximately 40% of the capacity of this double shift. We also have the ability to work up to three shifts per day plus weekends if required. All of our staff are flexible and we have an exclusive arrangement with a local agency enabling us to easily and quickly resource up for volume peaks and down for troughs thus ensuring highly competitive costs of production. Orean currently employs in excess of 120 full time permanent staff and up to another 80 temporary workers over two shifts. We also have a small team in our US satellite operation that is based in South Holland, Chicago.
  • What are your lead times from approved formula to manufacture?
    This is dictated by our raw material and packaging lead-times. If all of the inputs needed were available week 1, we have manufactured and filled product within 1-2 weeks of receipt of an order.
  • Is Orean a secure supplier that I will be able to rely on for many years?
    Orean is a well-established, well run and profitable business. Orean currently employs in excess of 120 full time permanent staff and up to another 80 temporary workers over two shifts. We also have a small team in our US satellite operation that is based in South Holland, Chicago. The company’s net worth is growing year on year and Orean has a good credit rating. When needed, we are able to access extensive capital resources from the existing pool of high net worth private equity investors.
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