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AI Beauty: How brands are tuning into their consumer needs

Most certainly by now, you have come across term such as Artificial Technology, although do you know how significant role AI beauty has begun to play in the cosmetic industry? Over the past few years, we could observe a constantly growing trend of innovative technologies in the cosmetic manufacturing industry. Considering the benefits of advanced technology, AI beauty has brought to the industry new fascinating possibilities and perspectives.

The outbreak of the Covid pandemic has rapidly accelerated the need to introduce new technologies that would allow customers to purchase the right products online, and AI beauty quickly became a solution to that matter. In addition to health and safety concerns, online shopping solutions that do not require physical product testing have become more prevalent. Hence without further ado, in this blog, we will dive into what AI beauty is, and how it will allow your brand to create more unique personal products and data-driven conversations with your consumers.

What AI beauty is

AI beauty is based upon a better understanding of customer needs by using advanced technology such as big data, algorithms, deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision. AI beauty can allow your brand to help your customers to choose the most appropriate products for them. As everyone's skin is different and may require different treatment, AI beauty takes all the important factors into the consideration and suggests the most suitable products.

The cosmetic industry traditionally relied on in-person experiences, despite the popularity of online shopping, but the covid outbreak quickly demonstrated how the AI beauty industry needs advanced technology support. With millions of variations and combinations in skin tones and textures and types and preferences, each person may need personal attention, to help pick and choose the right products for them. without the possibility to go in person to shop and receive that kind of assistance, customers had to begin a long and complicated process of researching what products will suit their skin the best. Therefore to significantly shorten the time and simplify the process, AI beauty technology begin to offer tailored and efficient help. Beauty brands are already using AI in combination with diagnostic images to help consumers understand their skin care needs better.

Who is the most interested in AI beauty

Keeping up with the latest industry trends is an essential part of any business that aspires to attract a younger audience. AI beauty is undoubtedly a trend that will continue growing, As it not only offers more tailored and advanced cosmetic experiences, it is a safer and hygienic way of selecting products. Therefore using advanced technology to purchase favourite beauty products becomes particularly attractive for younger generations that possess proficiency in using technology. Especially the Gen Z generation is much more willing to use personalised digital brand experiences to understand their skin health and try on beauty products virtually before purchase (Revive). Moreover, a recent Revive survey shows that approximately 68.3% of Gen Z in Europe are keen to receive personalised recommendations. Therefore, drawing on such findings, it should be essential for all brands whose primary target audience are Gen Z, to introduce AI beauty into their brand strategy.

With millions of customer reviews, opinions, and feedback, AI beauty can help your brand to capitalise on such a source of information and turn it into actionable solutions. With relevant algorithms, you can draw conclusions from collected data and use it while developing new products accordingly to market demands, or begin to forecast upcoming trends.

Enter the future with Orean

Whether you think your brand is ready to seek new opportunities such as AI beauty, or you would like to have a conversation in further detail on the benefits of AI beauty, contact our industry experts and we will provide you with detailed information on how AI beauty could be implemented into your business, and what new perspectives it can bring to the table. AI beauty is undoubtedly one of the trends that will revolutionise the cosmetics industry, and we are extremely excited to be part of that change. If you are ready to join us on this journey don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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