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Beauty Diversity: Inclusivity is invaluable

Beauty diversity is a constantly growing movement that is truly reshaping the cosmetics industry. Merely, a few years ago we wouldn't even think about having an equally impressive collection of men’s skincare products as women. Moreover, the men’s personal care industry is expected to grow faster than any other in the upcoming years. Beauty diversity in personal care is embracing new approaches to targeting more than just one gender and creating a more inclusive beauty industry. Especially since 68% of consumers want to see diversity in beauty campaigns because it reflects real life (Mintel, 2021). These demands need to be taken into consideration.

In the era where Gen Z is entering the market and significantly influencing customers’ shopping behaviours, it is essential to consider how to position new products that will also meet younger customers’ demands. By embracing beauty diversity, your brand will present in the most profitable way to attract a greater number of Gen Z customers.

How to embrace beauty diversity?

Beauty diversity in the personal care industry is no longer just accepted but celebrated. Not only does inclusivity in beauty matter as everyone should feel represented and valued equally, but also it is in high demand from the customer's side. Hence how can you ensure that beauty diversity is an integral element of your business? It is essential to implement a few simple, although extremely important steps into your practices and product lines.

Make sure to use diverse models

If you are launching for instance a new night cream make sure to select diverse models. Differences in age, gender, colour, and ethnicity, will nicely showcase your dedication to representing all kinds of beauty. Moreover, a greater extent of your audience will be able to relate to the campaign and product and see themselves using them. It is crucial to keep it as an ongoing practice, as when society is more exposed to seeing different models, the more accepted and celebrated diversity is.

Diversity in employment is the key

Regardless if you are a well-established brand, with many employees in the house or a small and growing start-up business, diversity needs to be comprehensively included across all teams and departments. As we said at the beginning of this blog, Gen Z’s shopping behaviours are notably different from any other generation. Not only do they demand from companies to create diverse products for diverse people, but they also tend to research companies and their values. Hence to meet those demands it is important to apply diversity across your whole brand.

Custom made products

Through having an option of custom-made products your brand will embrace beauty diversity through considering a varied range of skin specifications and requirements. As certain individuals with complex skin requirements may struggle to find the right products, custom-made cosmetics are their safest option. Introduction that kind of service will enable your brand to target a wider group of customers.

Celebrate diversity through various tailored products

The skincare industry frankly forgets to keep central the beauty diversity, it is still quite common that acne products are formulated with light skin in mind. Whereas darker skin acne can affect differently, it can be more exposed to hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and inflammation. For this reason, melanated skin has its own needs that need to be acknowledged.

The inclusive package can embrace beauty diversity

For years, producers were specifically targeting either men or women with their marketing and product packing. For instance, 48% of Gen Zers say that they value brands that don’t classify items as male or female (McKinsey). Therefore, having gender-neutral packaging will nicely tone in with beauty diversity. As not only your brand won’t only target two genders, it will become accessible to everyone and will help you establish a progressive image.

Beauty diversity in personal care is the future

For all well-established and new to the market brands that are aspiring to have beauty diversity as an integral element of their company practices and products, our team of experts is exactly what you are looking for. We are devoted to delivering the highest quality products that will embrace inclusivity and diversity.

Beauty diversity is not only a trend but an actual market demand that will remain with us for good. With younger generations entering and significantly influencing the beauty market, staying up to date with new customers shopping preferences will become a critical element to meet. If you are eager to find out more about beauty diversity get in touch with our Orean experts to discover all exciting opportunities.

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