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Popular Products: Making the most of our beauty experts

Our Orean beauty experts have a wealth of experience in their field and are incredibly passionate about all things skin and hair care. This means that they’re able to guide your ideas and create some truly innovative products that always have a real impact on the industry. Our beauty experts come in the form of account managers, chemists, quality controllers, and every single other role here at Orean. We all love what we do and so we make it our prerogative to stay up to date with the trends and crazes that’ll push your next products straight into the limelight.

Guiding Your Ideas

The beauty experts here at Orean are just as passionate about your beauty brand as you are, and rest assured they share your ambitions too. We love to create the products that are celebrated worldwide and that’s why our beauty experts put their all into every single project. We like to get to know you and your brand so that we can understand your ethos and your objectives. That’s when we put our heads together to develop a specific plan that’s totally bespoke to your needs and your brand’s ambitions.

Our beauty experts have the knowledge and the experience to provide you with guidance throughout the entire production process. Across product development, manufacturing and ingredients, our beauty experts have the skills and the know-how to really make your products soar. We’ll use our expertise to work with you on the best launch dates for your products, the price range you should be looking to sell at and even the packaging that’ll be most productive for your new range. Ultimately, our expertise will turn your initial ideas and concepts into skin and hair care products that are used and loved on a global scale.

Producing Your Products

Being fully-certified beauty experts who specialise in premium skin and hair care products, here at Orean, we pride ourselves on meeting not only the brand specifications, but also the industry standards, every single time. Having had years of experience in the beauty industry, our chemists and quality control specialists are incredibly skilled at creating prestigious products which go on to be sold worldwide as well as consistently celebrated in well-known, high-end fashion and beauty outlets.

Our talented beauty experts will take on every project with incredible passion, and it’s this drive and enthusiasm that allows them to create stunning, bespoke products that really deliver for each one of our clients. As well as being beauty experts, our team also has extensive knowledge of product packaging, and we’ve even won awards for our innovative packaging ideas. We understand that so much goes into the desirability of each product, so we strive to make each new skin and hair care product as popular as possible, and that largely comes down to the packaging and the shelf-appeal.

Understanding the Industry

Operating in both the UK and the USA means that our beauty experts are fully up to speed on the different trends within both markets. Having this incredible insight allows us to advise our clients in the most productive way for their unique ambitions. Over the years, our beauty experts have developed an award-winning reputation for quality, service and speed, and this has ultimately enabled us to have our products stocked in some major retailers across the globe. This valuable experience means we’re always very aware of new trends within the industry, and we also have an insight into what specifically the retailers are looking for, meaning we can understand what’s going to be really popular among your target audience.

Having extensive experience in the skin and hair care sectors means our beauty experts can see a mile off when a new cosmetic craze is coming around the corner, and we always advise our clients accordingly. 2020 has brought some really interesting trends, and there are a few more we can see coming too.

Our beauty experts have seen more inclusive ranges on the rise, in terms of skin colour, gender and age. There are thousands of different skin colours in the world, so it makes good sense to cater to as many of them as possible. There is also becoming more demand for skincare for older people, as they age and want to take better care of their skin. Male skincare and non-gendered skincare products are also becoming increasingly popular, as the world becomes more diverse.

As well as vegan products and CBD-based products, more and more consumers are demanding eco-friendly packaging, or even no packaging at all for their skin and hair care products. Environmental issues are at the forefront of many consumers’ minds at the moment, so it’s important not only to cater for their needs, but also to be seen as a green and eco-friendly brand. Anti-pollution skincare is becoming just as popular as UV protective skincare too, as we begin to realise how much everyday pollution is affecting our skin and hair. Many people are now also beginning to adopt a ‘skinimalist’ approach to their routines, meaning they’re looking for products that can do more than just one thing.

As beauty experts are developing more and more advanced technology in the world of skin and hair care, personalised skincare is gradually becoming a reality. Beauty experts can now create skincare products based on the bacteria and unique make-up of each individual’s skin, and as this becomes more accessible, it may well grow to become the norm within the skincare sector.

Here at Orean, our beauty experts love to stay in the loop with all things skin and hair care, and this means that not only are we aware of every trend, but we’re able to predict what’s coming for the industry. Our beauty experts will lead your brand towards success with our innovative and creative ideas for your next product release. Simply get in touch with our team to discuss what will work best for your beauty brand.

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