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Beauty Industry: Consumers Call For Transparency In Cosmetics

The beauty industry is hearing a demand from consumers to be more transparent. But what exactly does this mean? Well, many branches stem from the word transparency in the beauty industry. As consumers become more invested in a brand’s values, ethics, and ingredient choices, this has led to labels embracing a far more see-through, clear-cut image in the beauty industry.

This consumer attitude is catching steam and fast! Hundreds of brands have shifted towards more sustainable sourcing in only the past 10 years. This has been cemented further because of the impact of COVID-19. How do you ask? Because as resources have become more limited, and the extreme difference lockdown caused to the ecosystem (Dolphins in Venice, we see you!) consumers have become more cautious of their beauty brands and what they’re buying into.

Particularly as self-care has shot in interest too, like salons, parlors and spas have been closed down, consumers have had more time on their hands to look after themselves throughout the past year. This will certainly continue for the foreseeable future too.

Is transparent just another word for sustainability?

The beauty industry first saw sustainability as a trend, rather than a lifestyle in the 2000s. But now, this idealism is taking off in 2021 and has become a dominating presence in food, fashion, and cosmetics.

You’ll have seen in our previous blogs that we have spoken a lot about sustainability in the beauty industry and what this means. Sustainability for a product covers the sourcing of the ingredients the packaging, and the manufacturing processes. However, this doesn’t seem enough anymore as consumers are demanding more from their favourite brands to be more clear with them about the sourcing of materials.

What does it mean for a brand to be transparent?

To be transparent in the beauty industry means one thing; clarity.

It’s already a law for products to have ingredients labeled on the packaging, so what more could brands do to be transparent?

First and foremost, are the product’s ingredients safe and effective in their job? The obvious answer to this question would be branded having a certification to assure the consumer of where the ingredients have been sourced.

Some brands even opt to have their story and mission in their marketing, or on their packaging to build trust with the consumer even more. For example, a vegan brand may have their story illustrated, or a paragraph about their goals, or a QR code that sends consumers to their website to discover where their ingredients are sourced to prove that they’re natural vegan products.

Brands may choose to highlight any causes, organisations, or charities they support too. Honing in on the story of your brand’s values will accelerate the success of your range in the beauty industry. As an industry that has had its fair share of criticism in the past for not being honest with its consumers 100% of the time. Transparency is certainly an ethical; step in the right direction.

Cruelty-free products are a huge factor that really, all brands ought to be undertaking. Besides, it is the 21st century!

Certification is the official mark consumers want to see from their products. Hundreds of organic and natural brands in Europe either obtain the NATRUE, Soil Association, or others which means that their products are created from organic and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Call for clear labeling in the beauty industry

It is the law for beauty products to have ingredients on their product’s packaging, but some brands are clever with their language and consumers are noticing this.

In recent studies, 90% of beauty consumers are demanding beauty industry brands to be more clear when listing the ingredients on their packaging. As information is far more accessible in this technology-led generation, consumers are becoming experts in skincare and haircare. Therefore, they’ll be less confused by misleading jargon and opt for more transparent brands that are tapping into this initiative.

Many brands are becoming a lot more transparent with their audience. This theme will stick as our society becomes far more concerned with the wellbeing of our planet, as we are wanting to make sure our favourite beauty products are having a positive impact on the environment.

It’s not only what’s on the inside that counts…

Transparency is not only down to the ingredients - but it’s also the packaging too and how the product is manufactured. Biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable cosmetic packaging is fastly becoming popular in the beauty industry. More and more brands are tuning in to this, as this is another string to the bow of transparency.

Trust is a huge thing for consumers of the beauty industry nowadays, and brands, if you’re not tapping into becoming more transparent, you’re fighting a losing battle.

At Orean, our experts understand the beauty industry's trends and changes. As a cosmetic manufacturer, we’ve taken steps towards becoming more transparent with our clients and suppliers, so you know where and how your next award-winning skincare or haircare product is being created. Our HQ runs on renewable energy resources, and we only use sustainable suppliers who share the same values as us.

Ready to take the first steps towards transparency? Get in touch with us today and we’ll create your next sensational premium, responsibly sourced product!

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