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Beauty Industry Trends: 4 things you need to know

The beauty industry is ever-changing and always progressing. As the world develops and priorities move, the products that are in demand have to evolve too. Each and every year, the beauty industry brings about all kinds of different trends; many of them don’t last long, others come to form the foundation of what all beauty products should be.

We’ve taken a look at some developing and upcoming trends in the beauty industry so you can decide what should come next for your brand.

Ingredient Transparency

Consumers are becoming more interested in the ingredients they put on their bodies. Whilst it was once thought within the beauty industry that natural was the way forward, it’s now becoming apparent that natural does not necessarily mean better, or even more environmentally friendly. Each natural ingredient comes with its own environmental impact, and does not always provide better benefits for the skin.

Bioengineering is now being used to optimise natural ingredients. This way, products can use the ingredients which will have the most positive impact on the skin. Consumers of the beauty industry are now looking for ingredient quality and effectiveness over the ingredient origins. Whether it comes from a natural or synthetic source, as long as the ingredients perform well and are kind to skin, consumers of today will be sold. Honesty, truthfulness and transparency go a long way in the beauty industry. Whichever ingredients you choose to use, inform your customers of exactly how they’ll help, so that they can understand the value your products will bring to their beauty routine.

Ethical Beauty

Ethics have been on the rise within the beauty industry for some time now. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their own spending power and how they can often use their purchases for good.

Sustainable packaging is something that many consumers are now on the lookout for, as well as the opportunity to upcycle their packaging. Many brands are now looking at creating their packaging out of seed paper, or creating a shape that would be suitable as a plant holder or a vase. These secondary uses are making consumers feel less guilty about the environmental impact of the products they purchase, as they can see that they have real sustainable value.

When it comes to ethics, many businesses both in and outside of the beauty industry are striving to take a zero-waste approach to the running of their organisation. For those businesses within the beauty industry, products that are cruelty-free, vegan, not tested on animals, halal or contain no alcohol are suitable for a range of consumers and will also appeal to an increasing customer base.

The products which feature these positive contributions to the environment and to society enable consumers to feel good about their purchases, thus feel good about themselves. This feeling of positivity will undoubtedly let your customers feel great about your brand, and will also encourage them to return to your business and recommend your products.


Inclusivity is an increasingly important topic for businesses to address, particularly within the beauty industry. Whatever products you choose to make, your range should be available to all ethnicities, skin tones and body types, and should also be suitable for all ages as well as gender expressions and identities. The more inclusive your brand is seen to be, the more customers you will appeal to, and the greater opportunity for growth for your business.

Baby and children’s skincare products are now making an appearance, as many consumers will prioritise their children’s skin health over their own. Consumers have also long loved treating their pets like royalty, so it’s no surprise that we’re beginning to see skincare and haircare products primarily for household pets now too.

Gender-neutral beauty products are also becoming more and more sought after by consumers of the beauty industry, and we’re starting to see a rise in men’s personal care and beauty routines. As the world works to become even more inclusive, it’s important to bear this in mind within the beauty industry so that you can tailor your products to all kinds of relevant demographics.

Products That Are Piquing Interest In The Beauty Industry

Anti-pollution skincare is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty industry. This is likely because wrinkles and dark spot formations are more prevalent in heavily polluted areas, causing premature aging for many people. Anti-pollution skincare can help to keep pollutants off the skin and can also help skin to recover after exposure. With more and more people becoming aware of the climate crisis and the level of pollution in the air, anti-pollution skin products are set to be one of the next big things in the beauty industry.

CBD is also appearing more often in the beauty industry. With its anti-inflammatory properties, the inclusion of CBD can improve the effectiveness of many skincare products. Ampoules are also becoming more well known within the beauty industry. These packages containing several skincare shots are designed to be used daily, one after the other, to create a short skincare sequence that will help your consumers to bring their skin back to life.

There are many twists and turns within the beauty industry, and each new path is worth exploring. Here at Orean Personal Care, we get excited to hear each and every one of our clients’ concepts, and that’s why we’re here to help make your next big idea a successful reality. Get in touch with our experts to make your mark in the beauty industry.

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