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Beauty Influencers: 3 Reasons Why They're Worth It

What are your marketing tactics when it comes to your new product launch? Beauty influencers are proving to spearhead in promoting and selling products for beauty brands. Global spending on beauty influencer marketing has rocketed in recent years, With more and more brands allocating greater budgets to beauty influencers, some are still hesitant about this move. However, if done right, your product could become a global phenomenon. Here is why.

Relatable Content

You may have heard the saying “keeping up with the Joneses”, which is striving to achieve or own as much as the people around you as possible. It’s a popular coined term psychologists use to describe human behaviours. Millions of people follow beauty influencers online and having this person appear on their feed almost daily, the person following becomes culturally programmed to care about what the influencer is doing and what their opinions are on trending conversations. Influencers are positioned as experts or gurus within their area of ‘expertise’, ultimately in what they choose to promote.

Therefore, beauty influencers are highly effective in promoting your product, creating a huge appeal for consumers to buy your product. Because of their large following, influencers have tremendous reach accessing audiences of all types of backgrounds. Using beauty influencers from varied cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and appearances will boost the likelihood of consumers trusting your brand as they recognise your values in diversity plus they will relate themselves to the beauty influencers - there was a reason they chose to follow them in the first place.

As long as you use beauty influencers that accurately represent your brand values and ethos, you’ll attract a larger audience and build a greater following on your company’s own social media.

Raving Reviews ⭐

When a user sees beauty influencers using a product from a brand and highlighting how incredible it is, you’ll find a huge spike of interest happen. This is supported by Harvard Business School’s(1.) findings that 67% of beauty shoppers turn to beauty influencers to discover new products. However, given the investment beauty influencers require it is vital to collaborate with those who have a lot of likeabilities, are trustworthy, and overall have a positive online reputation. This increases the chances of sales rather than just brand awareness.

Now the product has moved on from the beauty influencer into your consumer’s hands, reviews and recommendations will be loading in as naturally, people like to voice their opinion and feel heard. For instance, 62% (2.) of consumers engage with brands that feature user-generated content on their website, with 74% (3.) of consumers more likely to make a purchase from a company that also hosts reviews on its website in comparison to those that do not. Social proof is a powerful tool in attracting new customers to your brand and in the cosmetics industry, this is more relevant than ever. This further reinforces the trustability between your label and the consumer. With transparency being a huge part of the cosmetic conversation, connecting with your audiences through the use of beauty influencers and user-generated content will boost your brand credibility and reputation.

Beauty Brand Diversity

The beauty industry has begun to embrace inclusivity and diversity whilst breaking stereotypes of gender, identity, and colour more than they’ve ever done in the past. It is a big conversation that has become addressed in recent years, with beauty brands taking action and expanding their ranges to target audiences from all walks of life. In cosmetics, this has been referred to as the “Fenty Effect” with the multiple-shade concept being the industry standard for foundations and concealers. In beauty…

Beauty influencers play a key role in supporting your label do this. Choosing a diverse range of influencers to promote your product will position your brand as inclusive and spotlight specific product ranges that are targeted at these audiences.

Considerations for Beauty Influencers

When collaborating with beauty influencers, it is important to take into account many factors before proceeding with this marketing strategy for your beauty brand. Choosing to work with influencers who match your business values, who are authentic in their approach to promoting products, and who are actively interested in your product will accurately represent your beauty brand’s message in the market.

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