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Beauty Subscription Boxes: The benefits for your brand

Beauty subscription boxes have been around for some time, but with the rising popularity of these surprise packages, they’re becoming a great way for beauty brands to get their products out there. There are a number of advantages to including your skin and hair care products in beauty subscription boxes, from increasing your customer base to upping engagement on your social media channels. Whether you’re starting up your beauty brand or you’re already an established business, including your products in beauty subscription boxes is a surefire way to send your products far and wide, getting your beauty brand’s name further afield than you could have imagined.

Brilliant for your Business

For a beauty business, sending your products in beauty subscription boxes is a great way to be discovered by an ever-increasing and relevant audience. Beauty subscription boxes are sent all over the country and even worldwide so you’ll be able to reach more potential customers than ever before. It’s an excellent means of developing your customer relationships, as customers are more likely to trust a product that’s directly sent to them. This way, they’re able to try the products in a pressure-free environment, and once they try the products, if they’re impressed, they’ll be likely to purchase them again and again.

The beauty of subscription boxes is that the people who receive them are already interested in your products. Having already subscribed, you can be sure that your products are going directly into the hands of users you know will enjoy them. This makes beauty subscription boxes an excellent way for your business to find new clients and receive new orders from all over the world.

As well as being great for publicity, featuring in beauty subscription boxes is a great way to make some more noise on social media too. Many people love to share their discoveries and surprises on social media, and so being an unexpected part of a package will grow excitement around your brand and will also encourage more and more users to share their experiences on their social media channels. Naturally, this is sure to organically increase your reach and awareness of your products, all through the magic of beauty subscription boxes.

Cool for your Customers

The great thing about beauty subscription boxes is that customers don’t have to remember to buy your products after having seen or heard about them. With a subscription, they’re simply surprised with new products whenever they’re sent a new box. Customers are able to discover new skin and hair care products that are usually chosen specifically for their preferences, meaning that they’re only sent the products that’ll positively impact their beauty routines.

It’s exciting for customers to receive different products every time their beauty subscription boxes arrive, and this building anticipation naturally makes them want to shout about what they’ve received. Getting exposure to a new brand in this way will encourage your customers to talk to their friends about their new discoveries, spreading the word of your products and inspiring others to go ahead and purchase something from your range. What’s more, beauty subscription boxes can even be sent as gifts, making for a lovely surprise for friends and family, and allowing them to receive something that they might not have chosen themselves.

As well as creating a wonderful element of surprise, beauty subscription boxes also allow your customers to feel like they’re getting a great deal, as the value within the boxes is often more than what they’ve paid for them. It gives your customers a fantastic opportunity to experiment with their skin, hair and beauty regimes, allowing them to discover what works best for them. Plus, by trying your products through beauty subscription boxes, your customers see for themselves how well your products work for them, allowing them to feel pressure-free and therefore more likely to enjoy a positive experience in trying out your products, ultimately making them want to go on to purchase more.

British Beauty Box

Here at Orean Personal Care, we give every single one of our clients the exclusive opportunity to be featured in British Beauty Box, our very own beauty subscription boxes. Every three months, customers are sent a beautifully presented package which contains at least three full-sized skin and hair care products. Having come from our own clients and crafted in our own factory, these products are of the highest quality and are sure to make an excellent impression on subscribers. These beauty subscription boxes are sent to both UK and US customers, offering them only the best in British-made, prestigious beauty products. This means that your next skin and hair care products could be appreciated and admired on an international scale.

Every team member at Orean is passionate about skin and hair care, and so we put our all into every single product we create. We’re as passionate about your beauty brand as you are, so we want to see your new products in all the high places they deserve to be in. That’s why we offer each of our clients the opportunity to have their perfectly crafted products featured in our beauty subscription boxes from British Beauty Box, sending them to all kinds of customers who are sure to love their range. To make an impact with your next skin or hair care range, get in touch with our Orean experts.

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