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Beauty Subscription Boxes: The 5 benefits they bring to your brand

Do your products feature in beauty subscription boxes? Beauty consumers love new products, what are samples today could be a fixture in their daily self-care routine tomorrow. It’s not only this but they also love the brands that are in beauty subscription boxes! Making your product more widely available for consumers to discover builds trust in your brand. Want even more of a reason why beauty subscription boxes are a great idea?

1. Connecting with Customers

Beauty subscription boxes are a great way to connect with your audience. Having already subscribed, you can be sure that your products are going directly into the hands of consumers who you know will love to fall in love with your product, helping you reach a bigger audience and onboarding more long-term fans.

By featuring your product in beauty subscription boxes that align with your values and mission statement, consumers will trust your brand. If you’re a vegan skincare brand, becoming a supplier for a vegan beauty box not only connects you with the right audience, but this reinforces your ethics and values. This can result in a long-term relationship between your brand and the consumer. Beauty box fans act as brand advocates by recommending your products to their friends, family, and online increasing the visibility of your brand.

2. Building Trust

Your product featuring in beauty subscription boxes helps build trust between your brand and your audience. Collaborating with other brands validates the authenticity of your business and speaks volumes about your values. Consumers find brands supporting brands an attractive quality it demonstrates your values in a meaningful way. Beauty box fans are brand advocates who will tell their friends and family about your products. Beauty subscriptions create communities particularly online. Consumer reviews on social media or your website will increase your brand's visibility.

3. Create a community

Beauty subscription boxes are a great opportunity to build a community with your tryers and buyers. If the subscriber loves your product, they’ll leave positive reviews, make referrals and keep coming back and stay on alert for new launches, limited edition products, and more. This enhances your online engagement and interactions on your social media boosting your brand visibility even further.

Not only will your brand popularity increase, but you’ll enjoy being a part of the beauty box community! Subscribers and suppliers will have an excellent image of your brand, enhancing your appeal to potential customers, partnerships, collaborations, and consumers.

4. Test & Trial New Products

Beauty subscription boxes are an opportunity to test and trial a new product. Whether it’s a debut, exclusive, or a new look, these boxes are the perfect way to see how beauty lovers respond to your product. At Orean, our minimum order quantity is 2,500 units meaning you can test your product out without committing to too large of a load.

5. Target a larger audience

For a beauty business, sending your products in beauty subscription boxes is a great way to be discovered by a larger and more relevant audience. Distributed across the country or worldwide, your potential to reach more beauty lovers is an exciting prospect in itself.

Beauty subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular in recent years too. According to research by First Insights, 25% of US consumers (both men and women) were receiving a subscription box in the first half of 2019, and another 32% planned to subscribe to such a service in the near future. Since 2017, there has been a 77% increase in Brits signing up for a subscription box - resulting in a huge market worth over £1 billion pounds! Beauty fans love discovering new favourite brands in beauty subscription boxes.

Orean X Roccabox Beauty Subscription Boxes

Beauty subscription boxes bring brands a bunch of benefits. From increasing your brand visibility, to gaining a high rate of return on investment, you’re missing a trick by not partnering with a subscription service for beauty lovers.

We’re thrilled to announce that we have recently founded a new partnership with Roccabox UK. Collaborating with this brilliant business, we’re able to offer our clients the opportunity to feature in one of Roccabox’s monthly beauty subscription boxes from our exclusive gateway. With an incredible following and loyal subscriber base, your product could be in the hands of hundreds of beauty lovers. Start your journey in beauty with Orean.

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