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Benefits of locally sourced ingredients

Products that contain locally sourced ingredients are taking by the storm the beauty industry. Locally sourced not only adds a feeling of exclusivity but also nods to eco-consciousness which is one of the most significant industry movements. Hence, this blog will focus on highlighting all the amazing perks that come along with using locally sourced ingredients for your products.

Sustainability is one of the key drivers for the use of locally sourced ingredients, involving local suppliers is a carbon-conscious and eco-friendly decision with a variety of environmental advantages. With more and more consumers becoming engaged with environmentally responsible brands it is essential to reduce your brands’ impact wherever possible. Reducing your carbon footprint through the use of locally sourced ingredients is one way to achieve this. Here are a few examples of how working with local suppliers can benefit your brand.

Flexibility and customisation

Local suppliers are typically more reactive. Choosing local companies can also reduce your need for a minimum order, which gives you much more flexibility. Being able to meet with local suppliers in person can humanise the relationship and cultivate a mutually beneficial one. Once you’ve established such a relationship, they will be more inclined to offer you more competitive prices and the latest products. Moreover, local suppliers are more likely to offer you a higher level of flexibility, so your products and lines remain diverse and creative.


Choosing to work with local suppliers can greatly reduce the length of supply chain. Communicating locally is often easier when you can pick up the phone and pop around the corner to meet in person. Building such a relationship with suppliers continues to be mutually benefiting for both Orean and our brands, offering the best products and most competitive pricing.

Supporting local communities

While it may seem like an obvious reason, one of the main benefits of using locally sourced ingredients is that you end up supporting local businesses and the economy. The local community will benefit from local sourcing, both economically and socially. At Orean we love getting involved with local initiatives and charities to give the best opportunities to those in our area.

Environmentally kind

Localising your supply chain represents a tremendous opportunity to help the environment. Reducing shipping and storage reduces emissions and energy consumption. Simply saying, the shorter the distance the lower your carbon footprint and the greener production of your cosmetics will get. Therefore, you can build consumer confidence by sourcing locally as well as contributing to green manufacturing, which remains to be among the most popular beauty industry movements.


Offering locally sourced goods give a sense of authenticity, allowing you to immerse yourself in your culture and community. Consumers love authentic experiences enforcing a positive emotional connection while spending their money. By highlight that your moisturisers are produced locally using local ingredients will add that extra feeling of uniqueness and authenticity to your products.

Keep it local with Orean

As a cosmetic manufacturer, we strongly believe that the way we decide to operate has a significant impact on the environment and local communities. And by deciding to largely work with local suppliers, we take full control of the amount of carbon emission we produce, thus ultimately having a positive impact on the environment.

Using locally sourced ingredients is a great way to enhance your brand's dedication to becoming more environmentally responsible. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not always possible to use only locally sourced ingredients. Although, by staying transparent with our clients we aim to demonstrate how our internal operations and decision can help your business become more sustainable and limit its carbon footprint in every stage of manufacturing its products. If you are looking for a trusted and experienced cosmetic manufacturer, that will exceed your expectations, we are perfect for you. Contact our dedicated team who will support you every step of the process towards success.

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