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Caffeine Skincare: Giving Your Energy And Skin a Revitalising Boost!

Since the beginning of 2020, those who have been working from home will by now most certainly be graduates from Zoom School, with a First in the excessive coffee intake. So, it may not come by so much of a surprise that caffeine skincare is on the rise.

It’s inevitable that many of us will be feeling exhausted this January. The drop in temperatures, grey days, and a lot of blue light exposure is going to take a toll on our skin unless looked after; and caffeine skincare seems to be just the product consumers are scrambling for.

People who are prone to skincare conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis are more likely to experience inflammation around this time of the year as the Winter temperatures draw out moisture and natural oils from our skin. On top of that, the blue light of our tech gadgets and staying indoors will prevent skin from crucial natural sources such as Vitamin D from the sunshine, or fresh air.

As this matter has become more prominent, the skincare sector is recognising this as a key problem many of their consumers will be experiencing. So we’re here to enlighten you on why caffeine skincare products should be incorporated in your next range!

Caffeine Doesn’t Just Make Your Coffee Taste Better

Puffy skin, dark circles underneath your eyes, and ultimately ‘dull’ looking skin are all effects the above naturally has. This is why beauty brands have seen a boost in sales with their caffeine skincare products, such as eye creams, face masks, and skin oils.

Caffeine has a

n anti-inflammatory property, which brightens skin, reduces wrinkles, and calms down those puffy eyes and cheeks by promoting circulation. Additionally, this ingredient is full of antioxidants, therefore it can help in protecting skin from UV damage and other skin-related health conditions.

It’s best to include natural hydrating ingredients in your caffeine skincare products, such as hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients that contain Vitamin E i.e. cucumber. Hydration alone produces more collagen in the skin, acting as an anti-aging formula. When teamed with caffeine, the hydrating element will allow the caffeine-based product to soak into the skin seamlessly.

Additionally, as the British weather has caused the skin to become more dehydrated, soothing elements such as shea butter and aloe vera will help in ensuring the protective barrier of your skin remains, reducing the effects of blue light exposure, UV, and humidity.

Amino acids have anti-oxidant and anti-aging qualities. Some types of coffee, such as green coffee bean oil contain this source. Collagen and elastin production is important to ensure a protective layer, so environmental elements do not have a direct impact on the skin. Need even more of a reason why caffeine skincare products are popular in consumer’s daily skincare routines?

Caffeine Doesn’t Just Take 10 Years Off You…

Furthermore, caffeine contains qualities where it is commonly used in slimming and cellulite creams. Much like a cup of coffee gives us that much-need energy boost in the mornings, caffeine skincare products such as creams act as a stimulant to increase blood flow which leads to fatty acids. Furthermore, the skin is accustomed to tightening and smoothing, as these stimulants improve blood flow and eliminate excess water which is when skin blemishes can form. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight.

Using caffeine skincare products are ultimately for long-term benefits. Therefore, this means these products are used in people’s daily skincare regimes, which highlights the ever-growing popularity. People being at home has led to self-care products going on the increase in the market, and particularly skincare products that are related to fatigue, exhaustion, and tiredness; as these factors have a domino effect on aging, wrinkles, and dull-looking skin. Hence the reason why caffeine skincare is to be dominating the market at the moment.

Perhaps it’s time to put some caffeine into your next skincare product, as well as your favourite mug?

It’s Time to Introduce A Caffeine Skincare Into Your Range

Within the skincare sector, at Orean we’re fast-stead on diving deep into the current cosmetics market. On top of reviewing the top in-demand products, we go one step further and see how current circumstances are affecting the ever-evolving trends in skincare.

With a tiresome cocktail mix of cold weather, exhaustion, and stress, the skincare sector is seeing a spike in products to combat these issues. This is why there’s an increasing demand for caffeine skincare products as the beauty industry recognises the direction consumer attitudes are heading. Contact our Orean experts to see how your next caffeine skincare range could brighten up your consumer’s skin and mood!

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