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Company Values: Our culture at Orean

Company values are incredibly important to any business, and here at Orean, our values guide us in everything we do, helping to bring our clients’ concepts to life. Being a values-based organisation, we pride ourselves on both the diversity of our people, as well as our expertise in producing beautiful, bespoke products that really deliver for our clients.

Our five company values; collaboration, ambition, expertise, integrity and agility are entwined into every process here at Orean, enabling us to make the right decisions for our business and for our clients’ businesses. We’re proud to live and breathe our company values every single day, so we can produce the products that’ll make a real difference to our clients and to the beauty industry.


Our collaborative approach to everything we do allows us to create a vibrant and friendly place to work for each one of our employees. We chose collaboration as one of our company values to encourage deep and meaningful relationships with not only our employees but also with our clients and suppliers, and this means that our processes are slick and streamlined, so we’re able to produce the highest quality skin and hair care products.

Our chemists and account managers collaborate with our clients to ensure that before we set to work, we understand our clients’ brands, their customers and their objectives. Having this in-depth insight into our clients’ brands ensures that we can develop a bespoke plan that’ll really deliver on their aspirations. The relationships with our suppliers are an integral part to this process. Following this, our chemists and quality controllers keep our collaborative company values at heart when developing our products, keeping our clients in the loop at every stage of the journey. Ultimately, our collaborative way of working means that we’ve been able to develop hundreds of exceptional skin and hair care products, which have gone on to be sold worldwide.


Ambition plays a big part in our company values, enabling us all to grow and develop with both enthusiasm and resilience. Our teams are able to adapt to the circumstances and the objectives for each individual client. We always keep our clients’ ambitions in mind for every project so we can craft the products that’ll have a real impact on their organisations.

When we’re adding to our team, we always look out for positive and ambitious individuals who’ll fit in with our company values and have the drive to achieve their own goals, as well as those of our company.


Here at Orean, we pride ourselves on our expertise. Our team members all take our company values seriously, so they’re always pushing themselves to gain more knowledge of the industry, find new, innovative ways of operating and explore alternative technologies for more streamlined processes. Having expertise as part of our company values means that we’re able to provide our clients with professional guidance across each one of our processes; from product development and packaging to raw materials and manufacturing.

Our expertise within the beauty industry allows us to create bespoke cosmetics that not only meet our clients’ specifications, but also meet the highest industry standards. Being fully-certified experts, our packaging is award-winning and our products are stocked in well-known, prestigious outlets all over the world.


Integrity is at the core of everything we do and is another of our important company values. We’ll always prioritise being straightforward, open and honest with our clients and our team members. We also strive for fairness across the board, which is why all of our raw materials are well cared for, and we always aim for sustainability throughout all of our processes. Having integrity as one of our company values has ultimately brought us our award-winning reputation for quality, service and speed. We’re proud of our reliability and our customer service, meaning our clients can confidently come back to us again and again, with every new idea or ambition.


The agile nature of our company values means that as a team, we’re able to respond and react quickly and cleverly to any changes that come our way, so we’re always on top of any new legislation and trends within the industry. Our agility enables us to envision innovative ideas which are put into practice in our labs, driving game-changing product development. Any challenges which come our way are met head-on, giving us the opportunity to efficiently and effectively overcome any hurdles with powerful and meaningful results.

One of our USPs is our speed of turnaround from concept to launch and from receipt of purchase order to delivery. Our agility here is the key to our success.

Orean Company Values

Having company values we’re all passionate about ensures that every team member here at Orean is working towards the same goals. We chose these company values to shape our culture into an open, fair and productive environment, giving our employees the confidence to independently make the right decisions and upping motivation and engagement within the workplace.

Our clear and trustworthy company values allow us to attract and retain some of the best minds in the industry, meaning our results are always top-notch. They also mean that our clients always understand what we stand for and are given an insight into how our processes work here at Orean. This naturally enables us to attract the companies who have similar values to our own, which in turn leads to incredible products which have a real impact on the industry. If you or your company relate to our values, we’d love to discuss the projects we can take on together, so get in touch with our friendly team.

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