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Working at Orean: Our cosmetic labs

The cosmetic labs are where the magic happens here at Orean. Specialising in the production of high-end skin and hair care products, we need to make sure that everything that leaves our cosmetic labs is no less than perfect. All of our projects begin with a meeting with our clients so that we can understand their brand, their customers and their objectives in order to develop a plan that’s bespoke to their needs. Then, once a plan has been put in place, our chemists and quality control specialists bring our products to life in our cosmetic labs.

Chemistry in our Cosmetic Labs

Over in our cosmetic labs, our chemists are responsible for weighing, dispensing and mixing raw materials and chemicals. They use an assortment of methods and equipment to produce a wide range of top-quality skin and hair care products. Here at Orean, we always ensure we follow tried and tested methods that have been approved for their safety and efficiency. Our chemists stick to the standard operating procedures as well as Good Manufacturing Practice, so we can be sure that every project goes smoothly and successfully.

Our cosmetic labs are always exceptionally clean, with each piece of equipment being cleaned and sanitised before every use. All batch documentation is also always completed and signed off in line with standard operating procedures. Alongside this, we also carry out in-process batch testing and continuous quality tests so we can ensure the safety of each and every one of our products, at all times. What’s more, our chemists are fully trained in the safe handling of all of our raw materials and chemicals, so we can be sure that our ingredients will always work at their best.

Quality Control

With every one of our projects comes meticulous quality control. In our cosmetic labs, our quality control team ensure that the production and manufacturing of every one of our products is within the specification outlined at the beginning of the project. Their skill and expertise mean that for every project, they’re able to complete these quality inspections in a timely manner, enabling them to spot and control any non-conforming products that pass through our cosmetic labs.

We pride ourselves on our keen eye for detail, so we’re able to pinpoint any detail that doesn’t fit the specific requirements. Working in our cosmetic labs, our quality control team are also incredibly dexterous and are able to effectively multitask which makes sure that our processes are slick and seamless, and our products are of the highest quality.

Our quality control team take care of each production line in our cosmetic labs, as well as the approval for bulk production. Thanks to our impeccable communication across the company, everyone at Orean is able to efficiently liaise with other departments, making for a streamlined process from start to finish. Our methodical approach means that every product that passes through our cosmetic labs is of incredible quality and ready to make a real impact when it hits the shelves.

Careers at Orean

Here at Orean, we want to create a fantastic work environment for every one of our employees, from those in the office to those in our cosmetic labs. Based in West Yorkshire, our factory is a vibrant, friendly place to work, and we’re proud to offer generous wellbeing and progression opportunities to each and every one of our employees. As a values-based organisation, our colleagues are a top priority, and that’s why we bring an array of benefits to the table.

Our benefits include a wide range of perks from free car parking to fruit Mondays. Being a close-knit team, we also organise annual summer and winter parties for all of our employees to get to know each other even better, and have fun together. Anyone who works in our cosmetic labs, or anywhere else in Orean will reap the benefits of life insurance, private medical health cover, a half-price gym membership as well as access to the bike to work scheme. Team wellbeing is very important here at Orean, and that’s why we always put our employees’ mental and physical health at the top of our priority list. What’s more, each of our employees is enrolled onto the workplace pension, and will also enjoy a competitive, above living wage salary. On top of this, we also offer 25 days annual leave as well as the eight bank holidays, highlighting our keenness to let our employees relax, take time for themselves and boost their mental health.

Working in our cosmetic labs is a wonderful opportunity to learn, develop and thrive, and our friendly, approachable and supportive teams will make sure you have everything you need to succeed in your role. Our award-winning reputation for quality, service and speed means that we need positive and ambitious team members to efficiently produce the products that will make a real impact in the industry.

Here at Orean, we’re always on the lookout for new talent to bring to our teams, and if working in our cosmetic labs is ticking boxes for you, we’d love to find out more about your expertise and experience. Take a look at our career opportunities to see which role in our cosmetic labs piques your interest.

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