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Cosmetic Manufacturing: The Secret to Beauty Brand Success

Cosmetic manufacturing is a broad term, which covers a lot of areas. At Orean, we’re a private, award-winning cosmetic manufacturing company specialising in skincare and haircare products, and we have produced premium products for our clients, which have gone on to be sold in top retailers such as Sephora, Boots, and Vogue.

The key to beauty brand success is to be partnered with a cosmetic manufacturer who understands your brand goals, visions, and audience. At Orean, we are a company that doesn't just create fantastic beauty products but collaborates with you to put you on the path to success. This is done through continuous and effective communication, in order to ensure we put you two steps ahead of the competition.

The Magical Processes of Cosmetic Manufacturing

Cosmetic manufacturing is the process of using chemical compounds, raw sourcing, and natural ingredients in order to create skincare, or haircare products such as moisturisers, shampoos, oils, and serums; the list goes on!

In order to create these much-loved products, there is a lot of science and industry knowledge behind the production process required. Legalities and criteria must be met currently under the EU Cosmetics Regulations, with new regulations potentially being announced too before your products can even be considered to go onto the shop shelves. Every step of the way, Orean will keep your brand on the straight and narrow.

Ultimately, cosmetic manufacturing worldwide differs in how the company utilises its processes to meet criteria and exceed expectations. Hence why, you need to know your brand is in trusted and safe hands; which is exactly where you are with Orean.

With years of experience in the beauty industry, this enables us to enlighten you on our own cosmetic manufacturing processes.

Quality and Control at Every Stage

We produce premium skincare and haircare products for a variety of fantastic clients. The process begins with an initial consultation with our expert leaders, and clients through innovation and knowledge we will build a brief which meets your project criteria. Whether you’re considering a brand-new rejuvenating skincare range or a new do for your haircare range; our experts and you will weave together the perfect plan.

The project is then passed onto our chemists and procurement team, who head to the lab to create your best-range yet! Once the product has passed all the criteria and tests, we then assist you in choosing the perfect packaging for your cosmetics. This is followed by a secure and safe distribution of your products to hit the highest shelves in top beauty outlets worldwide!

We always go the extra mile for our clients and maintain strong relationships with them. We want the best for your brand, so we offer you the opportunity to be featured in the British Beauty Box; a subscription box for both US and UK consumers, offering the best of premium British beauty! We believe in giving you an extra opportunity which is why our ambition shines through in every one of our projects - that’s why it’s one of our core values!

Sustainable Cosmetic Manufacturing Benefits

On top of sustainability, there are many more reasons why your brand will benefit from Orean. We put our clients first and work closely and collaboratively across all departments.

You want crystal clear communication at each and every state of your product development! Having a positive and trusting relationship with your manufacturers will give you the confidence and ease that your brand is in safe hands at Orean.

You also want a cosmetic manufacturing company that will go the extra mile for their clients, which is exactly what we do at Orean. We have long-lasting relationships with all of our fantastic clients we have the privilege of working with.

Give your brand the extra shine of working alongside Orean; a trusted, award-winning cosmetic manufacturing company.

A Conscious Cosmetic Manufacturing Company

As trends are surging towards sustainability, you want to be partnered with a sustainable cosmetic manufacturing company (such as us!) that uses natural ingredients and sustainable practices that do not harm the environment. This then carries on the right to the choice of cosmetic packagings, such as recyclable, and biodegradable materials. To discover tips to be at the top of your trade, click here.

As sustainable and ethical practices turn consumer heads more, it’s important to begin looking at ways your brand could become sustainable. The simple answer to that is, partnering with a conscious cosmetic manufacturing company!

And that company is called Orean, of course! Take a sustainable step and build your next range with us. Contact our leading industry experts to discover the amazing benefits of going green (not literally!) with your skincare and haircare products.

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