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Customer Service at Orean: Making for a productive process

Customer service is incredibly important to us here at Orean, and that’s why it’s entwined into every stage of our production process. From our first meeting with you right through to distribution, our customer service is second to none. We put our clients first so that they can treat their customers with skin and hair care products that’ll really make a positive difference. Take a look at our process and see just how customer service takes centre stage every step of the way.

Your Concept and Brand

Every one of our projects begins with a meeting. This is where our customer service starts to shine through, as we define the project brief. Our chemists and account managers work closely with you; our client to form a collaborative relationship that enables us to understand your brand, your customers and your objectives. This is where customer service is so important, as our client relationships mean that we’re able to develop a comprehensive plan that’s unique to each of our clients’ needs. We work so closely with you, that we’re able to collaborate on launch dates, target pricing, packaging as well as any other product requirements needed to make sure your new range hits the ground running. Focussing on customer service in this way means that we’re able to efficiently turn our clients’ concepts into cosmetics that are used and loved all over the world.

Product Development and Quality Teams

Through product development and quality control, customer service is very prominent, as we make sure your products are of the highest quality. Our chemists and quality control teams work together to make sure your products fit the brief. Once your bespoke product has been manufactured by our development and quality control teams, and been approved by you, it’s time to go into production. As part and parcel of our customer service, you’ll be kept in the loop during every stage, so you can feel involved in and comfortable with our processes.

During production, a number of close-knit Orean teams collaborate to make absolutely certain that this process not only runs as smoothly as possible and with minimal hiccups, but also sticks to the specification we outlined right at the beginning. Any challenges are learned from and applied to future productions. Our process chemist oversees every detail of the large-scale production of your product, so you can be sure that from manufacturing and production to quality control and engineering, quality is kept at an absolute premium.

To keep our customer service at the highest level, we make sure that every single one of our products is filled and packed to the agreed standards and specifications. We also aim to dispatch each of our products before the deadline, making for an efficient and effective process throughout.

Customer Service and Collaboration

Here at Orean, our attention to customer service means that for every one of our projects, it’s all about you and your customers. Our ultimate goal is to manufacture the skin and hair care products that’ll see your brand on the most sophisticated of shelves, having made an incredible impact on the beauty industry. We’re proud of our award-winning reputation for quality, service and speed, and we can assure you that we’re as passionate and excited about your brand as you are, meaning that our customer service is always at its best, and your products are always manufactured to the highest of standards.

We offer our clients a complete package, that covers everything from product development to distribution, so from the get-go, our customer service ensures that you and your brand have everything you need to succeed. Every one of the bespoke cosmetics that we produce meets industry standards as well as all your brand specifications, and its dedication and customer service like this that’s meant many of our products are stocked in major prestigious outlets all over the world.

Going the extra mile with our customer service, we carry out a post-production review at the end of every project, so we can make sure that everything went to plan and learn from what didn’t, evolving an even more streamlined process for the next run. What’s more, we offer every single one of our clients the exclusive opportunity to be featured in British Beauty Box, which is a premium cosmetic subscription box that’s sent all over the UK and the US. Being featured here will put your product alongside the best in British manufactured, high-end beauty products, so you can be sure that your range will be seen in the highest of places.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our Orean experts have been responsible for developing and producing hundreds of outstanding, premium products that have gone on to be showcased in some of the most prestigious outlets. We’re proud to have worked with cosmetic brands who have gone on to sell their products worldwide, thanks to our expertise and customer service.

The exceptional customer service at Orean means that we’ll work closely with you to ensure the project brief is met, so the product you envisioned can really come to life. As an award-winning private label cosmetic manufacturing company, here at Orean, we’ll give you the guidance and support you need through every step of the process. Being fully-certified experts, you can put your trust and confidence in our teams and the products we manufacture.

Here at Orean, customer service is so important to every stage of the service we provide. The meaningful client relationships we build ultimately enable us to work together to produce the skin and hair care ranges that’ll really make a pop in the industry. Get in touch with our team to find out how our remarkable customer service ensures only the most exceptional products.

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