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Emollient Products: Making A Splash In Personal Care

Given the thought to emollient products becoming your next product range? Emollient products are usually moisturising treatments, designed to soothe, protect and hydrate skin and are designed in a variety of forms; lotions, balms, or creams. Emollient ingredients also find their use in hair care products too, which repair damaged strands.

The types of emollient products differ in one way only and that’s the water to oil ratio. For example, skincare lotions contain mostly water compared to oil, creating a thinner, liquid product that the skin absorbs faster. Whereas, on the other hand, creams, balms, or ointments contain more oil than water. This isn’t a negative, this simply means these products are for severely dry, or cracked areas of skin that need some TLC; these emollient products are often referred to as occlusive emollients.

Emollients: Skincare’s Secret Agents

There are two types of emollients in emollient products; synthetic and natural. However, many brands have begun to opt for more natural agents in their emollient products as consumers are opting for natural-based skincare products. This is because of the new ‘conscientious shoppers’ who purchase from eco-conscious brands that practice transparency. Furthermore, more and more consumers are opting for a greener lifestyle that ties into all realms of their day-to-day, including their beauty regime.

Agents that fall into the natural emollient category are organic oils, butters, and beeswax. How these emollients are extracted is by cold-pressing of the fruit, seed, nut, or leaf. The pressure then extracts the plant-derived emollients that many consumers can’t get enough of in their favourite skin moisturisers. These natural, organic ingredients do not restrict the skin from breathing, which can be found that some synthetic emollients do - It’s all about having the right cosmetic balance.

Benefits of Emollient Products To The Skin

Emollient products lock in moisture, and form a protective barrier to hydrate skin, but what else do emollient products provide to the consumer?

Strong emollient products are referred to individuals by dermatologists if they are suffering from conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, due to their moisture-promoting properties. In the last 5 years, the emollient market has been on a steady increase and with the surge in demand for multiuse skincare products, this comes as no surprise. However, in the personal care sector for general use, emollient products offer benefits for consumers in more ways than one - when combined with the right ingredients.

Recommended for those who suffer from dry skin, investing in quality emollient products will work wonders. As well as softening your skin, these products will soothe, and reduce redness you may suffer from. It’s not thought of so much how damaging cheap products can be to your skin's surface in stripping away the natural moisture hence why dry skin is extremely common.

However, the other side of the coin is that if you don’t necessarily have dry skin and overuse emollients in your skincare routine, such as using a thickening moisturising cream daily, this can cause blockage and congestion in your pores. This will then produce unwanted spots and blackheads along the skin surface. Emollient products generally are best used when your skin is damp, either post-shower or just after washing your face as the water will naturally help seal in the moisture that’s already on your skin.

With the emollients market set to be worth over a billion by the end of the decade, perhaps this could be the sector your next product range specialises in with Orean.

Emollients Market Is Set To Boom By 2030

In the next decade, emollient products will be adding a substantial amount of growth to the personal care sector. This is because of the rising trends in emollient agents being used in suncare, skincare, and medicinal care this market is wide open for brands to swoop in. As the pandemic has caused a prevalent rise in personal care products, it’s important to note that the more the industry increases, the more important it is for brands to nail it to design their next range.

At Orean, our industry experts will not only guide you through the process of our manufacturing processes, but in the initial consultation we will collaborate with you to discuss where there are gaps in the market for you to take opportunities, others are missing out on. To arrange a consultation about your next emollient-specialised skincare product with Orean, contact our dedicated teams here.

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