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Working At Orean: A day in the life of our Factory Warehouse Team

From a factory warehouse manager position to accountancy, every role here at Orean is imperative to the smooth running of our organisation. In this series of blogs, we want to give you an insight into life at Orean, so you can see for yourself the passion that goes into every single one of our processes. Next up is our factory warehouse team; some incredibly important roles within the Orean workforce, ensuring the successful and efficient dispatch of each one of our products.

The Orean Vision

Having been in operation for over 20 years, Orean has seen consistent growth since 2010, and during that time, we’ve perfected our processes so that each individual, from our factory warehouse team members to our lab technicians, knows exactly what their day-to-day responsibilities include.

Being a private label cosmetic manufacturing company, our vision is to provide the most desirable contract manufacturing experience for our clients, suppliers and our colleagues. Our values are so important to us, and that’s why collaboration, ambition, expertise, integrity and agility are all at the heart of everything we do here at Orean. Every individual from our chemists to our factory warehouse operatives keeps these values close throughout their working day, so we’re able to keep wellbeing and efficiency a top priority. This Orean vision means that we’re able to produce, package and distribute high-quality products which are often seen in very prestigious places. Our long-lasting client relationships are a testament to our values, as these allow us to keep our clients in mind at every stage of their journey.

Our Factory Warehouse Team

Here at Orean, our factory warehouse team takes care of the day-to-day running of the warehouse, keeping tabs on operational demands at all times. Including our Head of Warehouse, warehouse managers, operatives, team leaders and drivers, our factory warehouse team at Orean effectively manage the stock levels in line with our procedures in order to maintain stock integrity. As part and parcel of this, our factory warehouse team keep a close eye on the weekly and daily production schedules, ultimately making sure that stock is used on time and efficiently for the demands of the production. Our factory warehouse team at Orean is so much more than stock however, another great responsibility is ensuring that every aspect of the warehouse operations is being carried out to the agreed key performance indicators. This also includes keeping every process in line with our Health and Safety guidelines and ensuring compliance with the International Organization for Standardization. If that wasn’t enough, our talented factory warehouse team also ensure that housekeeping is maintained to an exceptionally high standard throughout the warehouse and yard areas. Cleanliness and organisation are paramount to a smooth warehouse operation.

In terms of the factory warehouse team, our warehouse manager supervises and coordinates setting objectives for each member of warehouse staff, conducting personal development reviews and also welcoming new members to the team. This requires strong leadership skills as well as the ability to effectively communicate and think on their feet with quick and efficient problem-solving. The impeccable communication skills of our factory warehouse team come in incredibly handy when they’re liaising with other departments within Orean. This is essential for productively resolving any operational issues, as well as seeing through the successful completion of every project.

Taking good care of everything that comes into the factory warehouse, our team carefully double check that every product has been filled and packed correctly, once it comes through to the warehouse from our production teams. Once satisfied, the factory warehouse team pack up the products, and make sure that they’re dispatched on time, if not before the deadline. Overseeing this process is our factory warehouse manager, who points out any areas of the process which could be improved, giving Orean the opportunity to successfully and continually increase our operational efficiency.

Working at Orean

For the factory warehouse team, as well as every single other employee at Orean, working here means going above and beyond to deliver and meet our tight deadlines. This means that we can create an incredibly efficient and productive place of work, letting all of our employees enjoy a challenge, as well as the perks which come with the job. Here at Orean, we celebrate diversity and we are committed to ensuring that every one of our employees, from the factory warehouse operatives to the technical director all feel included and know that their contribution makes a real difference. This keenness to support our staff means that we’re able to give every employee great opportunities for progression, learning and development. We pride ourselves on listening to our team members’ ambitions, so that we can give them the tools they need to meet them.

Here at Orean, our factory warehouse team is essential to the effective packing and distribution of each one of our products. Without an exceptionally talented factory warehouse team, we wouldn’t be able to deliver our products to the highest standard we strive for here at Orean. If you’re keen to be part of our close-knit team, take a look at our Careers page to find the role in which you could excel.

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