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Gastronomia in skincare: Natural ingredients are in demand

Have you ever wondered why cosmetic shelves are starting to resemble grocery shopping lists? Cucumber face masks, banana face cream, coffee body peels, and papaya shampoo. Gastronomia in skincare products is everywhere, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Fruit and vegetables are more than just delicious food - in the personal care industry, they are having an enormous influence over customer behaviour.

According to a Mintel report, 53% of consumers use skincare products with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients, which are full of nutrition, have been in high demand amongst consumers for quite some time. Therefore, it is no surprise that gastronomia is, and will remain as a major trend in the beauty industry going forward. So let’s dig deeper into this hot topic!

Gastronomia in skincare provides your skin with the vitamins and minerals that help to maintain its good condition and healthy look. Even though avoiding unnatural ingredients can be hard , maximising the use of fruit and vegetables in your products is absolutely worth it and we can help you every step of the way. As customers become more interested in and conscious about the content of the cosmetics they use, the demand for natural food products in personal care is constantly increasing. Brands are now needing to explore alternative ingredients and develop exciting new ranges to meet the changing needs and expectations of their consumers

Add some food to your products!

What kind of fruit and vegetables are the most popular in gastronomia personal care? The list of benefits for how the use of food in skincare can enrich your products is likely an endless one. For example, watermelon and cucumber are great for hydrating skin and hair. Whereas blueberries and bananas contain regenerative properties that will be great to add to body lotions. Foods, such as carrot, papaya, beetroot, ginger, and kiwi, can be used to manufacture creams that will boost skin cell turnover and help with early signs of aging. It’s clear to see that gastronomia has a whole range of functions on offer that can boost your personal care products.

Can gastronomia in skincare improve the beauty industry's future?

By choosing gastronomia in skincare, you can attract more conscious consumers and have an ingredient list that people can recognise the contents of. Moreover, using food-derived waste to extract bioactive compounds is a great way to prevent skin aging. This can lead your brand image to become more sustainable, by reducing the need for raw materials and food products otherwise destined for waste. As sustainability is one of the most important and thriving trends in the personal care industry, aiming to build your image that supports these values is essential. In particular, the sustainable environment and economic development need to focus on recovering a large amount of food waste - one innovative way is for this to be incorporated into cosmetics.

Gastronomia in the personal care industry creates new opportunities for those who are interested in keeping up with the most recent trends and making a positive impact on the environment. Through the use of natural ingredients, including resources from waste, your brand will establish a strong and sustainable reputation that is particularly appealing to younger generations. Hence if your brand target audiences are younger people, then such an investment in gastronomia in skincare would be the right way to attract even more clients.

Keep in mind that your customers not only care about what goes into their bodies but also what they put on their skin. Therefore gastronomia is a simple way to allow your customers to understand why and how your products can be beneficial for their skin and hair. Complicated and industry-specific terminology might not be as simple for regular consumers to acknowledge specific ingredient benefits, as it is for cosmetic specialists. Thus gastronomia is a simple way to educate your clients regarding all benefits of using particular fruit or vegetable in personal care.

Introduce innovative products with Orean

Gastronomia in skincare is a trend that keeps growing each year, and its importance has been already acknowledged by customers and many high-standard brands. If you are still unsure whether your brand would be interested in introducing gastronomia into your new products, contact our dedicated team of experts who will talk you through how you can benefit from it.

If you are searching for a trusted and experienced personal care manufacturer, then we are the one for you. Our highly skilled team will ensure your satisfaction and exceed your expectations. At Orean personal care, we have crafted bespoke offers and innovative formulas to ensure our products and services are of the highest quality. Each product is created with great precision to ensure its quality, and our passion for cosmetics drives us to constantly keep improving our products. Contact our team today to begin your gastronomia journey with us.

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