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Gender Neutral - Is The Future Neutral?

Is your brand familiar with term gender neutral beauty? If not, it's about to change.

New trends keep coming and going, however, only a few of them have the potential to stay with us for good. The whole world is changing and so is the beauty industry. Whether we are ready for it or not, new generations are imposing new cultural norms and rejecting old gender stereotypes. This has resulted in gender neutral beauty set to become one of the leading trends in the cosmetic market by 2022.

To be more specific, one of the most promising trends amongst younger generations is gender neutral beauty. Over the past years, gender neutral products influenced the whole world and benefited us in oversized blazers and boyfriend jeans. Thus why should we stay away from introducing new products that will target all genders and may have the potential to improve the brand image?

There is no one right answer to why we should or should not become interested in gender neutral beauty products, but there are without doubt more reasons why these products will become extremely popular very soon. Especially for those brands who are aiming to keep up with the “hottest trends”, and the desire to encourage youth to become their loyal clients might be crucial to become more open to the idea of gender neutral beauty.

Can The Beauty Industry Become More Inclusive?

Not only might gender neutral beauty help you gain new clients, but it can also help your brand to establish an inclusive and progressive reputation in the market. In the era when gender roles and stereotypes are trailed behind it seems like a smart move to throw away antiquated ideas and habits, in favour of new futuristic solutions.

To begin with, you may want to reconsider your branding and the design of your cosmetic packaging. Particularly Gen Z demonstrates a strong interest in products that do not target one specific gender. Hence why product’s packaging should follow gender stereotypes? Pretty pastel pink bottles or containers might be greatly appealing for many eyes, but simple and modern designs can be equally successful, if not even more.

Even though men’s skin is thicker by 20-25 percent and tends to produce more oil than women's, the American Academy of Dermatology argues that the daily skin routine should be the same for all genders. As at the end we all need moisturiser, cleanser, toner, serum, and SPF, to keep our skin in a good condition.

Gender Divided vs Gender Neutral Products

Over the past years, men’s interest in the beauty industry resulted in a rapid increase of products such as face scrubs, anti-aging creams, facial cleansers, hydrating creams and many other skincare cosmetics that are targeted towards males. However, it also began conversations about whether we need gender divided products. Or if perhaps skin type should be the ultimate classification of products? Well when it comes to skincare whether it is face or body, it is key to choose products that are right for our skin type to obtain a satisfying effect.

For example, if a male with sensitive skin decided to purchase a product that is not relevant for his skin type but is suitable for men, he won’t benefit from using it only because it is right for his gender. Hence gender neutral beauty can be seen here as a solution, as it sees skin types as the most important factor to look out for during a skincare routine.

However, the big question here is if there is that much difference between male and female skin? The answer is yes and no, but that doesn’t mean that due to the existing differences all genders can’t use the same products. New gender neutral beauty products strategies are built on the premise that all people have chemically identical skin. So you don’t necessarily have to panic if it happened to you to forget to bring your face cream on a trip and you had to use your boyfriend or girlfriend's skincare products.

Although, it is worth keeping in mind that there are some significant differences between facial products when it comes to people who shave and don’t shave their faces. People who don’t shave their faces tend to have more dead skin cells, thus the products for example, can contain more glycolic acid.

Gender neutral beauty allows your products to focus entirely on skin type and its specifications, rather than on gender. Hence if your brand is looking for a modern twist, and establishing a more inclusive brand reputation, gender neutral beauty might be exactly what you are looking for.

Introduce New Gender Neutral Cosmetics With Orean

Here at Orean, we keep seeking new solutions that might have a significant impact on our clients and the industry itself. To stay on top of the newest trends we constantly keep expanding our knowledge about cosmetics and target audiences. Our specialists who are driven by knowledge with passion for cosmetic manufacturing, work hard to create perfect products that will showcase your brand quality, values and exceed your consumer expectations.

We are as excited as you are about the hottest trends in the cosmetic industry, and gender neutral beauty is one of the ideas we are looking forward to working on with you. Let your company lead the way towards new solutions with Orean, get in touch with us to discuss your brand's next step.

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