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Hair Care Trends: Everything you need to know

Hair care is a growing industry in the UK and beyond, and so keeping trim with the trends is essential to ensure your beauty brand is head and shoulders above the rest. 2020 has brought with it an array of hair care trends, from eco-friendly ingredients to hair length retention ranges. The pandemic of 2020 has also brought with it many innovative new products in the way of home hair care remedies, and many of these are likely to be here to stay. We’ve put together some of the most important current and upcoming trends in hair care, to point your beauty brand in the right direction for continued growth.


Sustainability is on the rise whichever industry you step into, and hair care is no exception. Consumers of today are becoming increasingly conscious of their buying power, and more and more buyers are keen for their purchases to have a positive impact on the environment. Rising in popularity are products with little to no packaging, and products with recyclable or compostable packaging. Shampoo bars are becoming more popular for this reason, alongside the low-water content in these products. Waterless and dry cleansing products that you don’t need to use with water are beginning to take the hair care industry by storm too, as consumers become ever-more conscious of their own impact on the environment. The biodegradability of products is also becoming increasingly important to the consumers of today, as they are more aware of the chemical materials that are washed down the drain with the water. This means that your customers are starting to look for sustainable shampoos and conditioners that don’t put anything nasty down the drain, whilst still offering an enjoyable sensory experience with foam and scent.

More and more consumers are after clean beauty, which means your ingredients should be organic, natural and sustainable in order to attract a growing customer base. This environmental mindset is also encouraging buyers to stop buying so many individual cosmetics, which means that multi-benefit beauty products are rising in popularity, and 2-in-1 products could really be the future of skin and hair care.

Scalp Care

As time goes on, more and more consumers are coming to the realisation that beautiful, shiny, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Their scalps are skin after all, and so they’re beginning to see the importance of taking care of their scalp, just as they would their skin or their hair. This is why we’re beginning to see more balms, moisturisers and sprays specifically designed to improve the condition of the scalp. With more and more consumers becoming concerned with their scalp health, having some products specifically for the scalp in your range of hair care is sure to set you apart.


As with many industries at the moment, empowering individuals is at the forefront of skin and hair care strategies. There’s an increasing demand and need for products which are available to everyone. This includes products for the older generations, products for children, male products, gender-neutral products and products suitable for all different skin and hair types. As the world becomes more inclusive, it’s essential that your strategies and your products grow with it, in order for your ranges to remain relevant and your consumers to stay engaged and satisfied.

Other Hair Care Trends of 2020

2020 has changed the world as we knew it, so it’s no surprise that there are many new hair care trends and plenty of upcoming ones too. Length retention is becoming more important to many consumers, so products which tend to the care of long hair, as well as extensions and wigs, are sure to perform well in the current market. In comparison to length, hair loss is also becoming more widely acknowledged, and so the right products to combat this are beginning to emerge. Hair loss can be a problem for both men and women, so inclusive products that aid this ailment won’t go unnoticed by the industry.

Post-workout hair care products are also on the rise, as the busy people of today dash from the gym to work and out again. Giving the illusion of clean hair, post-workout hair care products should both moisturise and protect the hair until its next proper wash. Personalised hair care is also set to make a bold entrance into the industry. It’s already making waves in some places, whereby consumers simply answer a few questions and have a specific shampoo or conditioner sent over to them. Whilst this is tricky to achieve for many beauty brands, you can certainly start to tick off more demographics by improving the inclusivity of your range.

With 2020, came lockdown, and with lockdown came all sorts of new hair care trends. Bright and colourful hair dyes have become increasingly popular as people gained the confidence to be more experimental with their looks. Rainbow hair in particular has increased in popularity, perhaps due to the hope it represented throughout 2020. Unsurprisingly, at-home hair care solutions, such as dyes and gels have also been a big hit in 2020, and this is sure to continue as consumers have become accustomed to the ease of staying in whilst they care for their own hair.

The scene of hair care has changed a lot in recent months, and it’s clear to see some new trends emerging in the industry. Here at Orean, our hair care experts pride themselves on tracking the trends of this sector, so they can advise our clients in the most productive ways that ultimately see their brand name rise to the top of the industry. Get in touch with our hair care team to find out what’s coming next, and get a head start on your competitors.

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