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Haircare for Men: An Industry To Keep Tabs On

In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing market in haircare for men. We’re seeing a shift in men taking care of their appearance more, with male hair care products flying off the shelves, to halt leering greys, receding hairlines, and bring back an enviable thick appearance to their locks. Is your brand doing enough in haircare for men?

You could be missing out on a huge return on investment with this market and we’re about to show you why.

Haircare for Men Needs Your Attention!

Since 2019, we have seen an absence of attention in the skincare and haircare market for men. This is because the market continues to prioritise women's beauty products. There has been a significant surge with competitors racing to beat each other to the post with the latest trends in this market, and this is where brands are hitting the mark.

While other brands are invested in a female-dominated market, you could be targeting your products at consumers whose needs aren’t being met and in this case, it’s haircare for men!

Typically, the majority of males don’t invest in too many products at a time and instead prefer their simple, go-to such as products for their quick-fix, or grooming regimes. However, recent research suggests men in fact choose quality over a cheap price tag. Your brand could be next to put haircare for men in the spotlight and attract this huge, overlooked market.

Hair-Raising Concerns in Haircare for Men

Statistically, when it comes to styling their hair, the younger generation is a cut above the rest. Males between the ages of 16 and early twenties, spend more time on the appearance of their hair. As a result of this, consumers are purchasing trustworthy products. However, in older men, fears of early baldness, greys, or receding hairlines push them towards investing in haircare for men.

It all boils down to trusted brands as typically, the majority of men want an easy answer to their haircare problems. This aligns with their type of hair as once this is identified, the male consumer can be guided towards the right product for them.

There are numerous types of hair for men, the main categories being thin, fine, coarse, thick, straight, wavy, curly, tight curls/afro. This means a lot of products in the haircare for men sector are needed. All of these have their adherents men crave for in resolving to tame their strands.

For example, those with fine individual hair strands will be inclined to opt for matte products, as this type of hair is excessively greasy and risks scalps being more visible. Coarse and thick hair types need products that create lift and add volume to the roots. Each of these haircare and men’s grooming products has key ingredients to create the results to meet consumer expectations. Quality, from the ingredients to the packaging, is crucial in attracting your target market; as is the case with any product in the personal care sector.

Premium Price Tag in Haircare for Men

One factor that dissuades men from opting for haircare products tends to be a lack of trust in the products. Worry surrounding damage and hair loss are the main concerns. Male consumer behaviour isn’t led by price tags anymore and is instead influenced by trustworthy product results.

Haircare for men has a huge gap in the market which you could be taking advantage of. With the lack of competitors in the field, with the right expert guidance, your brand could be the winner in the haircare for men sector. From clays to gels, sprays, oils, hair wax; the list of products in the haircare for men sector provides so much opportunity for beauty brands to take advantage of.

At Orean, we create products in both the skincare and haircare sector that have featured in top beauty outlets worldwide, such as Sephora, Boots, and Harvey Nichols. Get in touch with expert cosmetic manufacturers (that’s us!), and we can collaborate together, fusing market insights, experience, chemistry, and science to create bespoke, quality products in haircare for men!

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