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Hand Care: The Sector Dominating The Market

Hand care in the personal care sector has skyrocketed in the past year. Obvious, right? Sanitiser hand care products have been flying off the shelves since the outbreak of the pandemic, and it got to a point where shelves had periods of absence from these products. Even unexpected manufacturers such as breweries took an innovative approach by creating hand sanitisers with their spare resources.

But, in the aftermath of the pandemic, personal care products are expected to evolve to meet consumer needs. Uncertain what we mean by this? From hand sanitisers, to moisturisers and creams; read on to discover how brands are tailoring their hand care ranges in reaction to how the market is trending.

The Side Effects of Hand Sanitisers

As you may guess, sanitisers are the go-to hand care product right now, which many brands (and not just beauty businesses!)

There are alcohol and non-alcohol hand sanitisers available for consumers to purchase. Of course, in the fight against the current pandemic, sanitisers containing alcohol are scientifically more effective.

You may very well be familiar with the overwhelming stench some sanitisers come with. This will more than likely be ethanol or isopropanol, which are safe and common alcohol agents used in hand care sanitisers.

According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), they recommend a concentration of alcohol between 60% and 95%. The higher the concentration, the greater the effectiveness in eradicating contracted germs. For everyday use, however, lower concentrations are recommended as the effects of regular use of highly concentrated alcohol-infused sanitisers can cause dry and sensitive skin.

Hand sanitisers that do not contain alcohol instead contain a crucial ingredient called benzalkonium, a water-based solution creating a foamy feel. Still maintaining the same level of protection, non-alcoholic hand sanitisers are commonly used in public venues and institutions such as schools and libraries.

It all comes down to the setting as to which sanitiser is best to go for. But for individual use, it is all personal preference. Neither have serious side effects, and both do the same job - it all simply boils down to the consumer’s skin type and any ingredients they are sensitive to.

The Influx of Hand Care Creams

Once hand sanitisers fastly became an everyday essential in millions of bags, coat pockets, and cars, ‘Pandemic Hands’ occurred. A term which refers to the experience of dry, sensitive, or itchy hands because of their regular use of sanitisers.

The only way has been up for hand care products such as creams, moisturisers, and lotions. As consumers rediscover the importance of hand care, brands are evolving to meet the demands of their audience. There are sanitisers available with a scent, which sanitise, smell nice, AND moisturise the consumer’s skin. These products are extremely popular at the moment as consumers are opting for a three-in-one for the price of one.

So what is the perfect concoction for these products? Moisturising agents such as humectants, emollients, and occlusives are ideal for creams that hydrate and soothe dry skin. Furthermore, exfoliating acids such as salicylic, glycolic, and lactic are quality ingredients that will ensure the shedding of dry skin is put at bay.

The perfect combination of hydrating and exfoliating agents is crucial to ensure your hand care product meets consumer’s expectations. For hand care products that soothe sensitive skin caused by hand sanitisers, natural ingredients such as aloe vera, natural oils such as jojoba and argan will soothe and calm irritated skin on the hands.

Where Orean Comes In

A lot of factors come into play when choosing the ingredients for your bespoke product. For example, sensitive skin could be because of underlying issues such as eczema, psoriasis or itchiness. It can also be because of exposure to external factors due to climate or working conditions; either way, when tailoring your hand care range, you need a crystal clear purpose for your product, always keeping your target audience in mind.

At Orean, we have the knowledge, chemistry, and passion for cosmetic manufacturing. We’re just as excited about your brand as you are, which is why our teams work closely with yours, to create the perfect product that showcases your brand values, aims, and objectives and exceeds consumer expectations.

Evolve with the trends. Hand care products which perform multiple functions are popular with your consumers, so give them what they need with our crucial knowledge. Get in touch with Orean and catch the next trend train that’ll ride your beauty brand into a success.

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