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How to become a green beauty brand

In recent years, the green beauty movement has taken the personal care industry by storm. The market become dominated by brands that loudly promote being ‘clean’, ‘ethical’, or ‘sustainable’. Although what it takes to be a green beauty brand? Most probably by now, you have come across lots of different brands claiming to be green beauty brands. Even though it seems like a positive change, there are very few regulations that determine what requirements should be met by a label to become a green beauty brand. This blog will provide you with essential information to understand how you can become a green beauty brand and ensure that your statement is honest and authentic.

What is green beauty?

Despite the fact that there is no official definition of green beauty nor any certification for it, many brands attempt to clarify what it means to be one. Green beauty is an umbrella term that refers to a spectrum of various skincare products either made with true-to-nature or naturally delivered ingredients in the lab. Some brands take it further and say that green beauty products must be made by using only sustainable and renewable resources. However, the simplest explanation of what it takes to be a green beauty brand is to stay mindful of the impact your products have on the environment's well-being. That includes various aspects of how you source, produce, and pack your products, as well as who you work with.

Few steps that can help you to become a green beauty brand

It all comes down to ingredients - First things first, ingredients are a vital part of your products. Hence ensuring that they are ethically and sustainably sourced and are not harmful to the environment or human health needs to be amongst your priorities to become a green beauty brand. Equally, the cosmetic manufacturer that you work with, needs to ensure sustainable steps in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Therefore, by working with sustainable cosmetics manufacturers (such as Orean!) you can be sure your impact on the environment is controlled and redacted to the minimum.

Your packaging matters - Whether you prefer refillable/reusable or recycled materials to use as your packing, both options will significantly improve your chances to become a green beauty brand. As waste is one of the major concerns of the modern world, hence it is extremely important to reduce it to the minimum. Therefore, shifting to eco-friendly alternatives is crucial.

Third-party certifications - One of the effective ways to demonstrate your dedication to becoming a green beauty brand is to seek various certificates. For instance, Orean is ISO 14001:2015 certified, meaning we comply with Environmental Management System standards. To achieve the certification, we follow principles of effective environmental management, energy minimisation, and resource usage. There are many different certificates that can showcase your authentic and honest dedication to becoming a green beauty.

Why we need green beauty brands

Climate change is the single biggest threat to humanity. It severely jeopardises the progress in the development that has been made to reduce poverty, existing health inequalities, and to protect wildlife. Moreover, two-thirds of extreme weather events in the last 20 years were caused by human activities. The number of floods, extreme temperatures, droughts, and wildfires have doubled in the previous 40 years. Converting to using sustainable packaging could help to reduce 3.8 million greenhouse gas emissions. Even switching to paper packing can have a significant positive influence on the environment's well-being, while only 8.7% of plastic created is recycled, almost 81% of 41.9 million tons of paper containers generated are recycled.

Have a green future with Orean

Green beauty brands are the future of the personal care industry. One of the latest and most influential impacts that caused a significantly heightened interest in green beauty, was the outbreak of the global pandemic. One of the most significant after-effects of that was the increase in social and environmental awareness, with these becoming key drivers in consumer behaviour and market trends. With the consumers becoming more aware than ever, it is crucial to focus on how as a brand you can improve your actions.

Green beauty is a movement that is constantly growing and will stay with us. Our dedicated experts evaluate every single day what we can do to ensure that we are doing our best to remain as environmentally friendly as possible. If you are keen to find out more about how we can support you to become a green beauty brand, get in touch today for an initial conversation. Take a sustainable step and build your next range with us.

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