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In the spotlight: Blue light protection cosmetics are here!

Are you familiar with blue light protection cosmetics? The light that electronic devices such as computers and smartphones screens generate can significantly affect your well-being and your skin condition. Recently more people have become increasingly aware of the importance of blue light protection cosmetics to preserve their skin from the unfavorable side effects of being exposed to artificial light.

Over the past few years, we have started to spot the growing interest in blue light protection cosmetics. When the pandemic started, almost everyone (shout out to all key workers for their hard work!) had to stay at home, and the only way of contact with the outside world was through our electronic gadgets.

Even though now we can leave our homes and enjoy attending public events such as lovely Christmas markets, the pandemic made us realise how much time we spend exposed to blue light. On average, people spend around 3 hours and 15 min a day on their phones! With such a high statistic (arguably higher for others we're sure!) the importance of blue light products ought to become a priority in people's everyday skincare routines.

Although you may wonder how to select suitable ingredients that will ensure the right protection? Allow us to introduce you to the protective ingredients of blue light products!

Modern problems require modern solutions

Blue light protection personal care products should include certain types of ingredients that will ensure their effectiveness, such as:

  • Zinc oxide

  • Titanium dioxide

  • Vitamin C

  • Iron oxide

All ingredients listed above will act as a protective barrier against the harms of the blue light and prevent skin from forming fine lines, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes. Moreover, screen light can also have a negative impact on your client's sleep patterns, which can result in insomnia. Using a phone or any other device that produces blue light can significantly influence the quality of people's sleep.

However, if you think about adjusting your existing products to have more than one purpose, so your customers can enjoy even more health benefits, head across to our blog Multi Function Products: Less Can Be More. To find out how you can infuse your existing products with blue light protection ingredients.

Are blue light protection cosmetics worth your attention?

Now you have got a basic understanding of what type of ingredients can protect your customer's skin from the potentially harmful effects of blue light, it’s time to explain how ignoring the impact of blue light can lead to damaged skin. Blue light protection products will provide a necessary shield that will block the light and fight off free radicals formed by blue light. The heightened exposure to the light, also known as a high energy visible (HEV), can penetrate deeper layers of our skin. This has the potential to cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin and lead to aging and inflammation in the skin cells.

Blue light is also used by dermatologists as a form of skin therapy, yet blue light protection products aim to protect the skin from the longer wavelengths that can have a damaging effect on the skin condition. Especially as dermatologists across the globe have conducted further research in acquiring concrete data that evidence the potential long-term effects exposure to blue light may have on people. Hence why the skincare sector has seen a surge in the popularity of blue light products, and this continues to increase. Thus, your brand should take note of this racing movement in the industry and invest in a blue light product range. Contact our experienced team of chemists that will walk you through the whole process, and answer all your questions to clear any doubts.

Lead the way!

At Orean, our talented team of specialists work hard every day to provide our clients with the highest quality services and products. From product development to distribution, we will ensure that your journey with Orean is a seamless experience with expert guidance throughout. Blue light protection products are ticking over into the trends in skincare and we've already been working on some awesome formulas for you! We believe that with our passion for manufacturing personal care products and our client's fantastic visions products are ticking over into the trends in skincare and we've already been working on some awesome formulas for you!

Blue light protection cosmetics are in the spotlight, and more people have started to pay attention to how the screens of our electronic devices can harm our skin. If you are still debating whether blue light protection products should feature amongst cosmetics your brand offers, drop us a message and we will provide you with all the industry insights you need. Lead your brand towards success with our innovative and creative ideas for your next product release!

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