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Industry Trends: Carbon Neutral VS Carbon Negative

Being carbon neutral is a crucial global demand. We are now past the conversation about whether being sustainable is essential and find ourselves at a decisive moment regarding the future of our planet. Here at Orean, we are proud to be amongst carbon neutral cosmetic manufacturers thats dedication to lead the positive change within the personal care industry is among our top priorities. Being a sustainable and ethical cosmetics manufacturer is one of our core values, so the topic of being carbon neutral is no stranger to us.

Therefore, what does it mean to be carbon neutral? Most probably by now, you have come across that term, or some variations of it. As it is not a new movement, although a constantly growing and evolving one, it is important to fully understand why we need to ensure we control our CO2 emissions. In this blog, we will delve into what it means to be carbon neutral and how beauty brands can benefit from it.

What does carbon neutral mean?

The term carbon neutral refers to whether a company, product, or event has offset its carbon emissions by, for example, funding carbon savings equal to its emissions elsewhere in the world. This can be achieved by balancing emissions with a few techniques such as carbon offsetting where the company calculates its emissions and invests in schemes that are certified for removing a certain amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. Alternative terms to carbon neutral can be zero carbon - they both mean the same thing. For instance, if your company used 100% renewable energy and carbon offsetting to ensure that your operations and suppliers were carbon neutral, you can claim to be a zero carbon business.

By working with Orean, you can be sure that your cosmetics manufacturer also supports your values and operates in a carbon neutral way. Hence your brand can remain carbon neutral or carbon positive depending on your actions.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Besides the mentioned above terms, the spectrum of carbon neutral is much wider. We’ve listed below a few key terms to be familiar with.

Climate positive - where subject activity goes beyond only equalising carbon emission to zero but removing additional CO2 pollution from the environment. Essentially climate positive means you remove more carbon pollution from the atmosphere than you emit.

Climate neutral - aims to achieve zero GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions while eliminating all other negative environmental impacts a subject may cause.

Net-zero carbon emissions - where subject activity doesn’t produce or cause any CO2 pollution into the atmosphere, hence doesn’t need to conduct any further action to equalise it.

Net-zero emissions - balancing the overall amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) released and removed.


Becoming carbon neutral is our future

One of the latest McKinsey’s research findings has shown that big and small companies can equally benefit from taking initiatives to become more environmentally friendly through developing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy. There are many trends and movements in the personal care industry that keep coming and going, but we are certain that being a sustainable beauty brand is not going away. With sustainability as one of our core values, we are serious about ensuring our CO2 emissions are constantly monitored and kept at a neutral level. Being part of the personal care and beauty industry means that we are exceptionally careful about our decisions and daily practices. We aim to produce high-quality products with minimal environmental impact. Our dedicated experts are constantly seeking out new ways to ensure we are doing our best to remain as environmentally friendly as possible.

Work with Orean

Since the global cosmetics industry is one of the planet's biggest polluters, a new approach to how it operate is exceptionally needed. Sustainability is undoubtedly one of the most important beauty movements. Coupling this with our commitment to manufacturing the best personal care products is what drives us to be the best in our industry. Therefore if you are looking for a passionate and ethical beauty manufacturer that will ensure all of your products are of the highest quality and sustainably and ethically sourced - get in touch.

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