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Is Orean’s new cosmetic manufacturer site your American dream?

As a cosmetic manufacturer, we aim to constantly keep expanding and growing.

Therefore we are over the moon to announce that Orean Personal Care has the keys to our brand new site in Indiana, USA and we’re ready to launch in the New Year! As an award-winning private label cosmetic manufacturer, we want to keep developing and expanding our possibilities, but what’s more important we are also expanding them for our fantastic clients. This new step is not only a great achievement for us but also a brilliant opportunity for all our current and future clients who are looking for a trusted cosmetic manufacturer.

By early 2022 our new 72,000 square foot warehouse will be fully operational, and will create new work opportunities for all those who are considering a career move where they can fulfill their ambitions and be part of an incredible cosmetic manufacturer team! We are a values-based company that takes staff wellbeing seriously, which is why we have several initiatives set up for our hard-working teams to support them personally and professionally. We’re proud to have a low retention rate, as we put our team’s wellbeing first always. Hence if you are interested in positions such as Compounding/Manufacturing Manager, Shift Production Engineer, Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Compounding Operatives or Quality Officer don’t hesitate to visit our Careers page and get in touch! As you may already know, our new cosmetic manufacturer site is the opportunity that you are looking for.

Exciting news for our clients!

Launching a new site in the USA is a moment to remember in Orean’s history, but it is also an extremely important moment for all our clients. As with our new cosmetic manufacturer spot, we can provide our clients with the highest quality international service. With a new site in the US, we can expand clients’ brands overseas without worrying about the long and complicated process of shipping and related to the process requirements. Our new cosmetic manufacturer site will allow us to minimise lead and freight costs, and provide our clients with the highest quality products and services internationally.

We are going GLOBAL!

Have you considered your brand’s next step to be breaking into the US market?

Not only would you become more influential on the market, but it could also enhance your company's reputation and help to gain greater credibility. You will establish an international presence that opens new possibilities for reaching clients. When you decide to keep your business only in the domestic market, it can limit your potential profit and leave you exposed to market changes. Thus why as a cosmetic manufacturer, we desire to seek all the most profitable opportunities that will exceed our client's expectations.

Especially, in the age where globalisation is vastly growing, and it seems like nothing will be able to stop it, thinking on an international scale is becoming a requirement, rather than an option. Therefore with everything going global, we don’t like to stay behind, and launching a new US cosmetic manufacturer site is one of our major steps to expand our business!

Moreover, recent studies show that 45% of middle-market companies make more than half of their revenue overseas. Thus through working with us you will have a great chance to establish a strong brand image equally in the UK and US and create long-term relationships with us and your customers. Taking your business abroad can attract new overseas investments that can help you to broaden your brand perspectives. Therefore if you are looking for a trusted and experienced cosmetic manufacturer, who will help you increase your brand visibility and possibilities internationally, we are perfect for you!

Are you looking for a cosmetic manufacturer?

Join us on our amazing journey of growth. Opening a new cosmetic manufacturer site in the US is an exciting moment for us, and at Orean we value knowledge and passion for cosmetic manufacturing, therefore we are over the moon to be able to expand our talented team. From brief to product launch, our staff works closely with each client to determine their goals and needs. Therefore each day at our cosmetic manufacturer is a new exciting occasion to learn and gain new skills. At every step of the career, we offer our team members support. It is one of our top priorities to create great possibilities to allow our team to upskill and grow their knowledge.

If you are looking for a cosmetic manufacturer that will offer you easy access to the UK and US markets, and ensure the highest quality of your product, then we are what you are looking for! Contact us today so we can begin this thrilling journey together.

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