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Is refillable and reusable packaging the future of the beauty industry?

Over the past few years, we have witnessed how sustainable beauty has become one of the most significant movements in the beauty industry. Sustainable solutions to traditional packaging (specifically refillable and reusable) are a must-have for modern beauty consumers now, and that demand will only continue to grow. Following the 5 R’s in zero waste management, is one of many examples of how refillable and reusable packaging can significantly improve the energy consumption of recycling. Those steps include 1. Refuse: Refuse what you don’t need, 2. Reduce what you do need, 3. Reuse, extend the useful life of the product, 4. Recycle what you cannon refuse, reduce or reuse, 5. Rot what is left. Successful waste recycling includes making conscious choices of how you can minimise the amount of waste you will produce. By opting for refillable and reusable packaging you can effectively reduce the amount of waste that would be necessary to produce to pack your products.

Why does the beauty industry need refillable and reusable packaging?

Approximately 95% of cosmetic packaging is being thrown away, making packaging one of the biggest sustainability challenges that the beauty industry is facing. People have become more conscious of our impact on our planet in the past few years, especially after the outbreak of the covid pandemic. A report by Zero Waste Week in 2018 found that the beauty industry produces a staggering 142 billion packaging yearly, and only 14% of packaging makes it to a recycling plant. Only 9% is recycled, and the rest heads directly to landfill. Therefore, recyclable materials weren’t enough anymore.

Refillable and reusable packaging can successfully address the demand for a sustainable solution that effectively limits the waste the beauty industry produces yearly.

Things to look out for

Whilst cosmetics packaging can be enticing, sleek, and social media-worthy, it is common for beauty products to end up with more unnecessary packaging than is needed. Recycling single-use plastics is not necessarily the answer anymore.

What should you look for while choosing suitably refillable and reusable packaging? We’ve listed a few considerations for beauty labels to keep in mind while selecting the proper packaging for their products.

  • Sustainable Wood - As trees are vital in our global action on climate, it is essential to buy wood products that bear the FSC or PEFC label whenever possible.

  • Refillable and reusable packaging - these can be used repeatedly for the same purpose without losing their protective ability. What is important to mention here is the challenge of managing the microbiology of refillable packaging, preservative systems, and the development of preservative-resistant microbes. Our knowledgeable Orean experts can talk you through the process of how to overcome such challenges.

  • Polypropylene - PP is made from thermoplastic and is commonly used to create products that need to be waterproof, heatproof, and robust. These can include refillable and reusable packaging.

Refillable and reusable packaging for a better future

As a new era dawns, consumers demand more than just recyclable packaging. With the latest reports showing how little waste gets eventually recycled, it is critical to opt for more sustainable solutions. Choosing refillable and reusable packaging for your following product line will allow you to minimise the waste your brand produces and appeal to an audience that values sustainability. Refillable and reusable packaging is considered one of the most promising solutions to one-time use options. As a global market, the beauty industry started adjusting to the new reality. By using refillable and reusable packaging, the industry is pushed towards responsible, sustainable shopping to do its part for the planet.

Time to say hello to sustainability with Orean

At Orean, we keep sustainability among our core values. Refillable and reusable packaging is one of the best solutions to minimise the waste produced by the beauty industry. Our research-driven experts will ensure that your brand showcases its dedication to eco-friendly solutions and top-shelf quality formulas.

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