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It’s crystal clear that clean beauty is a hit!

For the past few years, trends such as natural, organic, or clean beauty cosmetics have become game-changers in the personal care industry. Consumers, particularly Gen Z and millennials, have become much more interested in what their products contain but also where the ingredients are sourced. Clean beauty is all about the contents of the product, and its environmental impact.

Let's dive into the clean beauty topic and understand how your brand can become a leader in the clean beauty movement.

What is clean beauty?

All products that claim to be within the clean beauty guidelines should meet two key criteria, they should be safe to use (non-toxic) and transparent about their ingredients. You will find that some brands may want to hide the unfavorable ingredients by rewording their name. This practice is commonly used by the most well-known brands worldwide. Hence clean beauty products certainly will not claim to be something different from what they actually are. Although it's worth keeping in mind that even though clean beauty products are transparent and completely honest about their ingredients, that doesn’t mean that all these products are perfect.

Even though it could seem that clean beauty is frequently associated with all-natural and organic products, the truth is that clean beauty doesn’t necessarily have to be organic or natural. As long as all ingredients are safe to use and non-toxic, they can be man-made.

Nowadays, some brands pride themselves to use only all-natural or organic ingredients, whereas there are no regulations that would check up on them if that is true. At Orean we highly value sustainability and ethics, therefore we are always honest with our clients and transparent about how we work and manufacture all of our award-winning premium personal care products.

Let’s see what is inside!

If your brand is ready to break new ground and become a clean beauty leader with Orean, here are a few ingredients that you should keep an eye on to avoid:

  • parabens,

  • phthalates,

  • sulfates

  • oxybenzone

  • triclosan

  • hydroquinone

  • artificial fragrances

Parabens, such as methyl, ethyl, butyl, propyl, have been linked to causing breast cancer and reproductive problems, and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) can strip skin moisture. Moreover, The European Commission banned various types of parabens for use in cosmetics: isopropyl, isobutyl, phenyl, benzyl, and pentylparabens. Especially with the fact that dermatologists have reported a visible increase of people with sensitive skin caused by heightened exposure to stress, pollution, and digital aggressors. The importance of clean beauty and non-toxic personal care will continue to expand.

Fortune favours the bold, take a lead in clean beauty products!

With the increase of interest in what personal care products contain, your customers may want to start eliminating as many toxins as possible from their daily skincare. Therefore you should consider whether your brand is ready to introduce new changes that will help you become a leader in the personal care industry. According to the Harper Bazar poll, nearly 50 percent of one thousand women across all ages and ethnicities are already using clean beauty products.

Products that center on the wellbeing of people and the planet are prospecting better than others. Clean beauty is about using safe ingredients that do no harm to the consumer or environment. In contrast to “green” products that claim to be environmentally friendly, and use this wishy-washy term that has no real definition, as an umbrella to assert to be eco-friendly.

Do it with Orean!

Here at Orean we truly care about our impact on the environment, and if your brand shares similar values to us we will be the perfect partner for all of your cosmetic manufacturing needs! Clean beauty is a great opportunity for your company to embrace your dedication to sustainability. As well as benefiting our planet, your products will become more desirable to the new generation of consumers who are investing in brands that have greater ethics and values. Therefore clean beauty can be a thrilling chance for your brand to establish an environmentally friendly image.

If you are in the process of looking for a trusted and experienced cosmetic manufacturer, who will ensure that your products are of the highest quality, you are in the right place! Our innovative solutions and formulas will exceed your expectations, and ensure your client's satisfaction. If clean beauty is a topic that your brand is keen to explore, contact our dedicated team, which will advise and support you every step of the way.

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