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Male Grooming Products: Let’s Go Deeper

Traditionally, the male grooming industry has been heavily centered around shaving. Only until more recent decades has the focus begun to shift. Gone are the days of products limited to shaving cream and cologne. In their place, a welcoming range of male grooming essentials for the modern man to take on. Skincare, haircare, and cosmetics have all entered a realm that is more inclusive of males.

Male grooming is set for booming over the next five years, with the market already seeing year-on-year growth. The uptake has largely been driven by a rise in mindfulness and self-care regimes as well as responding to a wider shift in masculinity.

The powerful, physically strong, and emotionally aloof stereotypes of masculinity have been increasingly called into question by society. Challenging these conventions and recognising their harm has catalysed the progress we see today. Important discussions are now opening up around mental health issues and attitudes are continually evolving. As a result, the beauty and cosmetics industries are being shaped by the growing demand for male grooming and the acceptance of men no longer ‘fitting’ into this outdated mold.

Male grooming is a mechanism to enhance how individuals look and feel. For consumers, investing in products and treatments goes beyond their functional purpose. Most crucially, male grooming is all about the individual investing time and energy into themselves. The practice of personal care and self-love receives a whole host of benefits, including an increase in confidence, self-assuredness, and a sense of empowerment. By developing such positive outlooks from within, these are vital for maintaining wellbeing and a balanced mental state.

To jump on this trend and champion a much larger movement, male grooming brings new and exciting opportunities for businesses to consider. Whether they are looking to access a different market or create a new product line, the options here are endless.

We’ve done some digging to determine the top considerations that businesses should explore before they enter the male grooming market.

Male-related problems need male-related solutions

Male consumers experience their own set of problems and concerns. Offering solutions that specifically cater to their needs will be a win-win situation for everyone. These issues might relate to acne, dry skin, signs of aging, and razor burn. A skincare range including face masks, moisturisers, shaving cream, aftershave balms, facial creams, and anti-aging products would be ideal here as part of male grooming rituals and to address each concern individually.

Practice hygiene to stay clean

Hygiene is something we are intimately familiar with as part of our day-to-day activities and more so now with Covid-19. Products such as soap, body wash, shampoo, and deodorant are encountered frequently and will always be in high demand as a result. Incorporating masculine or neutral scents into these essentials and introducing extras like beard and facial cleansers will set your brand apart and attract consumers to your male grooming range for all the right reasons.

Haircare gives consumers flair

Aside from hygiene and personal care, hair care in male grooming can also encompass styling products for experimenting with different looks. Presenting a range that encourages consumers to be bold, creative, and embracing their individuality will be a huge confidence booster.

Facial hair care is also taking the market by storm so consider designing your options beyond the scalp with specific styling waxes, oils, and fragrances to be used for this largely unexplored area.

Which way?

Whether you want to target males who are rushed off their feet and need a quick fix product to keep on top of things, or something more indulgent, you should consider your consumer’s way of life. Preferences and lifestyle choices influence the products consumers buy and the behaviours and routines they adopt. Male grooming can be a simple and fast process or one where more time and care are required. It is important to take into account the duration of treatment. For instance, a face mask could be administered for 5 minutes or half an hour but not everyone wants to spend this long or little. Make sure to choose the right balance between the products you design and the purpose they intend to achieve.

Everything boils down to ingredients

With greater consumer awareness, men have expressed their preference for natural ingredients. The demand for sustainable, ethical, and organic products is also high in male grooming. As a result, it is important to reflect these in both the products and their packaging to ensure your range remains in keeping with positive trends.

To conclude, it is clear that male grooming is bigger than ever and partly in response to overcoming the stigma around masculinity and male beautification. In addition, male grooming presents a positive opportunity to involve brands in the discussion of mental health and encourage self-care and wellness to its male consumers.

At Orean, we understand that starting any new product range can be quite daunting. That’s why our team is here to offer advice and support to you every step of the way. From deciding on the ingredients to use, the packaging design, and all the questions you have in between, we will work with you to produce the very best products for your male grooming range. Get in touch to establish the next steps forward.

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