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Male skincare: What products are trending?

Male skincare products have been experiencing notable growth since the outbreak of the covid pandemic. With more time on their hands, a significant number of men began to pay more attention to the condition of their skin and hair. This has resulted in an increasing number of products targeted toward Cis and Trans men. Ever since then male skincare products are exciting a real boom, and continuing to grow. Moreover, Emma Fishwick, senior accounts manager at market research firm NPD, said that men’s skincare is growing faster than the women's category. With that in mind, what products are worth the attention? If you are planning to focus on introducing a new series of male skincare cosmetics, this blog will provide you with critical industry knowledge to maximise your success and effectively target Cis Men as well as Trans Men.

Tailored to men

Taking care of skin and hair becomes significantly more important to men, therefore the demand for products that are tailored to their preferences has become one of the driving factors in the personal care industry. According to a recent Mintel report, 71% of British men who use hair care or skin care products prefer those that are tailored specifically for them. The percentage rises to 80% among men aged 16 to 34. Young men tend to be even more open-minded to spending more time and money on skincare products that will satisfy their skin.

Although it is important to keep in mind that, one of the most popular trends especially amongst Gen Z are gender-neutral products. These products don't specify if they are designed for any gender, as well as their packaging and ingredients suggest that they can be used by anyone. Gender-neutral cosmetics focus entirely on skin type and its specifications, rather than on gender specifications. Hence if your brand is looking for a modern twist, and establishing a more inclusive brand reputation, gender-neutral beauty might be exactly what you are looking for. If you would like to find out more about gender-neutral products and who is the primary audience for these cosmetics click here to read our blog.

Education is the key

To effectively target various men with male skincare cosmetics it is essential to dedicate some time to educating those individuals. Sharing knowledge regarding matters such as the purpose of each product, and how to choose the right cosmetics is a significant step to encouraging a wider group of men to trust your products. As it is still considered as a new trend, basic knowledge sharing may not be as common practice as it is among women. Therefore, to effectively position yourself as an expert it will be critical to share with your audience interesting and useful information regarding your products and the skincare specifications. It is not only an amazing way to promote your products, but as well it will improve your image and boost your inclusivity. Through being dedicated to providing equal access to knowledge for those who may have not had any access to it before. Your brand establishes a trustworthy and loyal connection with its audience.

Top male skincare products in 2022

Male skincare can require a different treatment due to a few specific requirements, for instance, regular shaving exfoliates the upper skin layers and can lead to irritation. Hence, it will be essential to choose the right male skincare products for those who shave their facial hair to reduce skin irritation and natural skin oil production. Hence what male skincare products are now the most? In the first half of 2022, the most popular male skincare products in terms of sales were

  • Moisturisers,

  • Serums,

  • Sunscreens,

  • Eye treatments,

  • Cleanser

Influencers in male skincare

E-commerce, influencers, and social media is another addition that has been shaping the male skincare industry trends. In order to find information about specific products, the most common method for men is to simply search it on google rather than as someone for recommendation or help in a store. In search engines, they will most probably come across influences’ youtube videos and other types of social media content. Therefore, influences are undoubtedly an important factor that can shape men's perception of certain products. If you are considering launching a new male skincare products series it will be beneficial for you to begin with a research of the most influential personas within the industry. For instance, you may want to become more familiar with influencers such as Robin James, Igee Okafor, and Jim Chapman.

Work with Orean

The male skincare trend is constantly growing, and we are keeping an eye on how it is evolving. From the best formulas to the most popular influences, we are keeping track of everything that can matter. Our dedication to manufacturing the best personal care products is our driving force to be the best in our industry. If you are looking for a trusted and knowledgeable expert, who will lead through the whole process of creating bespoke products get in touch today. Our talented chemists will ensure that our innovative formulas will exceed your and your customers' expectations.

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