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The Manufacturing Process at Orean

Here at Orean, our manufacturing process has been evolving over the years we’ve been in business. We’re proud of our sophisticated and streamlined manufacturing process that lets us keep our clients in the loop at every stage of their project, making for efficient operations and exceptional results that we continue to work on and improve wherever we can. Our expertise in the beauty industry means we’re able to effectively guide our clients through their project, from their initial ideas to the packaging and distribution of their products. Here, we’ll explain our manufacturing process and how it enables us to produce beautifully bespoke products for our clients.

Initial Concept

The very first thing we do within our manufacturing process is to sit down with our clients so that we can get to know them. It’s important to us that we fully understand your brand, your objectives and your big ideas, so that we can figure out the best way to build your beauty brand through innovative skin and hair care products. There’s a reason collaboration is one of our core company values, and that’s because through working together within our manufacturing process, we’re able to make our clients’ ideas really fly.

During our initial meeting, we’ll outline and define a project brief based on your aims and objectives. From here, our chemists and account managers will be able to understand your brand, your customers and your goals so that we can formulate a manufacturing process that’s bespoke to your business and your needs. Our team are experts in the beauty industry, and we pride ourselves on keeping up with all of the current cosmetic crazes. This means that we’re able to guide your visions, so that they make a real splash in the skin and hair care sectors.

Product Development

Once a bespoke plan has been put into place, the next stage of our manufacturing process can begin. As our product development gets underway, we work closely to the project brief, and thanks to our teams’ expertise and innovation, we’re able to successfully build on your vision, ensuring your products deliver both for your customers and for your company. From our engineers to our process chemist, multiple teams work on your product development, to make sure that everything is kept to the specification, and deadlines are met.

Hand in hand with our procurement team, our expertly efficient customer service team supports your projects throughout the manufacturing process, keeping you in the loop at every stage of your product’s journey. This expert guidance is what will take your products to the very highest shelves. The incredibly talented teams involved in our manufacturing process have been responsible for developing hundreds of premium products which have gone on to be sold worldwide in some prestigious beauty and fashion outlets.

Packaging and Distribution

Our team are fully certified experts in their field, and that means we can guide you at every step of your journey with us. We’ll help you decide on realistic launch dates that’ll let your new range start off with a beautiful bang, making an impact on the industry and on your ideal customers. Our team will also be able to advise you on target pricing, ensuring that your new range produces the biggest return on investment for your beauty brand. What’s more, as part of our manufacturing process, we’re able to assist you in choosing the perfect packaging for your products.

First impressions are everything, so ensuring that your packaging design is spot on is imperative for the success of your new products. Our experts can give their guidance on design as well as the practicality of your packaging and the materials themselves. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to consumers of cosmetics, and ensuring your packaging works in harmony with your product and your brand values is essential.

Our production team make sure that every product is filled and packed to the highest standards during this part of our manufacturing process. Each product must meet the specifications outlined in the brief before they are packed up and sent to the warehouse ready to be dispatched before the deadline.

Post-Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process doesn’t stop when your beautifully made, bespoke products go out the door. We’re looking for constant improvement and development, so after every product gets sent to the shelves, we carry out a post-production review. This enables us to pinpoint the challenges of each individual manufacturing process, ensuring that any creases are ironed out, ready for the next run.

We’re proud to have won awards for our quality, service and speed of delivery for our clients. Our recognised expertise in the beauty industry means that the quality skin and hair care products we’ve crafted have been seen in some very high places, such as Vogue, Liberty London, Harvey Nichols, Boots and Sephora. Your products could be next.

After each product has been dispatched, we also offer our clients the exclusive opportunity to be featured in British Beauty Box, a high-end skin and hair care subscription. This means that our clients’ products are seen all over the UK and the USA, increasing the likelihood of them being sold on a global scale.

Our manufacturing process is a thing of beauty, and we’re proud of the processes that allow us to create some truly powerful products. Our teams work in harmony with each other and with our clients for a smooth and successful manufacturing process. Get in touch with our Orean experts to make sure your products are next on those high-end shelves.

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