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Minimalist skincare: It’s more than you think!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Minimalist skincare aka “skinimalism” (a trending tongue twister in beauty!), is the less is more beauty movement embracing the stripped-back approach. Although if you are hearing about “minimalist skincare” for the first time, it's time your brand began getting to know all about minimalist skincare! Minimalist skincare experienced its first boom in the early stage of the pandemic, as social media influencers started to embrace skin’s natural texture and glow. The simplified and “slow” beauty skincare routine started to be glorified by many well-known faces. Therefore, it is not a surprise that people quickly fell in love with simplified and more realistic skincare goals that embrace natural and imperfectly perfect beauty standards.

Why do we love it?

Cutting down the steps in a minimalist skincare routine allows people to save their time and focus on the most important skin’s needs. As each person has unique skin requirements, minimalist skincare focuses only on the areas that need attention. And what is even better skinimalism encourages your customers to invest in higher-quality products. Minimalist skincare is an amazing opportunity for brands to target skin fanatics who focus on quality rather than price. The simplified routine is a great way for this audience to uncover an easy skincare routine that works for them. Quality costs and your consumers know that. Opting for a premium product that will sell to minimalist skincare lovers is an opportunity that is waiting for you to grasp! Thanks to the boom of the minimalist skincare movement, high-end skincare products are experiencing increased popularity! Even though minimalist skincare cuts down steps from the evening and morning self-care routine, it is important to remember that some actions should never be missed. The three essential products that are standard daily skincare practise, including the minimalist skincare too, are:

● Cleanser

● Moisturiser


If you are surprised why SPF is on the “must-have” products list, read our Sunscreens: Not Just For Summer! blog to learn more about the benefits SPF products offer. As their main feature is to filter and reflect the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause skin damage and cancer. Therefore, expert dermatologists wouldn't recommend skipping this step in people's everyday skincare routines.

Why minimalist skincare is a great opportunity for your brand

Minimalist skincare is emphasising the importance of feeling great and healthy in your own body and skin. What is more important, it neglects the mindset to chase unrealistic beauty standards that promote perfect skin with zero flaws. Minimalist skincare strictly focuses on skin specifications and targets it with higher quality products. Whereas using many different types of cosmetics can be frequently overwhelming for the skin to comprehend. Minimalist skincare is a great opportunity for your brand to embrace your dedication to promoting a healthy approach to personal care, alongside establishing your place in combatting climate change with ethical values, practises, and processes. As if you encourage your customers to invest in fewer but higher quality products, less plastic is being used to pack products. You will become an influencer in your sector on redirecting and creating a more sustainable beauty world. Rebranding and opting for high-end minimalist skincare products will offer you the chance to showcase your eco-friendly values. Plus, your brand will attract new younger consumers as many highly value this ethos.

Moreover, minimalist skincare can open new exciting opportunities for your brand, that you may have been struggling to reach so far. Through keeping up with the hottest trends, your brand will constantly be relevant and actively evolving, that your consumers will recognise and therefore a trusting relationship will be between you and them.

Shall we do it together?

The personal care market is an ever-changing industry. If your brand goal is to keep up with all the hottest trends in the industry of personal care, head across to our website to check our newest blogs The Best Haircare Trends for 2022! We are seeking for all worthy attention industry insights that may have a significant influence on our customer's businesses. If your brand is looking for an experienced team of highly skilled chemists, who will exceed your expectations contact our dedicated team today. Our passion for cosmetic manufacturing fuels our ideas and helps us to create new innovative formulas. Minimalist skincare products are definitely amongst the cosmetics we are looking forward to working on with you. Here at Orean, we seek the best opportunities for our clients to stay on top of their game, to fulfil their goals. So what are your thoughts now - is minimalist skincare more than you initially thought it was? Contact us today to have a chat with our experts about what this type of range could look like for you.

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