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MOQ: What This Means In Cosmetic Manufacturing

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

MOQ, who are you? MOQ stands for minimum order quantity, aka the smallest amount of orders accepted by a manufacturer or supplier to produce at a time. Therefore, in cosmetic manufacturing, this means the order of product units.

MOQs differ amongst cosmetic manufacturers all over the world as this depends on many factors. Orean’s expert guidance will ensure that you make the best decision once we understand your requirements, aims, and objectives with your next beauty range.

For indie brands, a low MOQ matters in order for them to launch their companies. Start-ups tend to start slow and build their brand organically to invest in marketing, samples, and trade shows. It is difficult for these brands to find manufacturers that understand their needs and their position in the market.

Fear no more indie brands, as Orean has got your back!

Supporting Beauty Business Start-Ups

Earlier last year, we recognised the need that start-ups in the cosmetic industry needed more support. That’s why we reduced our MOQ to only 2,500 units, whilst other manufacturers have theirs at 5,000+. A reduced MOQ rate comes with a ton of benefits for indie brands to enjoy, such as product flexibility, reduced material wastage, and the ability to adhere to create limited edition ranges because of short-term trends. Let us explain further.

With a lower MOQ, your indie brand has the amenability to test and trial products by creating one-off ranges and feeling out what works best for you. In beauty (especially when you’re just starting out!) it can be difficult to nail a particular type of product within your sector, whether that’s skincare, haircare, or body care, that your consumers are going to love. Hence where our experts are there to guide you in the right direction whilst we are in the pre-production phase.

Additionally, not only is our lowered MOQ relevant to the product itself but also the packaging. Pairing the MOQ with your available budget for packaging, we are able to create packaging that is completely unique to your brand and boosts your attraction in your sector! Whether we opt for one look or three different styles - the reduced MOQ allows you as an indie brand to explore options that work best for you.

So, what impacts an MOQ?

In cosmetic manufacturing, there are four major factors that impact MOQ rates. These are the use of raw materials, production batch size, packaging materials, and filling line changeover times.

All of the above are key components in the production of your range.

First of all, dependent on how many raw materials your product contains, we need to be mindful of how much will be needed, how much could be wasted, and the quality control of

the batch of materials. Some ingredients are supplied which then has a domino effect on the production process. This is simply because some suppliers do not offer reduced MOQs, however, we’re proud at Orean to be able to work with companies who are able to support indie brands who have also reduced their MOQ for ingredients and materials.

Then manufacturing the products, our production line operates 24 hours a day, every day with our expert Manufacturing and Production teams working together to ensure the maintenance, operation, and cleanliness of the machinery to meet the demand and deadlines of the client for the products to be produced. With a minimum production of 2,500 units, our teams are able to be agile in their approach, plan filling line changeover times, and prepare the production lines necessarily.

Otherwise, our MOQ is determined by the formulations; normally as a standard guideline, we strongly recommend 5,000 units as viable batch size. Costs can escalate dramatically as set-up costs being spread over a smaller number of units doesn’t balance the MOQ.

With you, we assess your aims and objectives, what type of product you’re looking at creating, and therefore we can offer a service that makes sense with an MOQ of 2,500 units being produced.

Orean and Indie Brands

From the initial conversation, our Orean experts listen to what you want to achieve and provide you with first-class knowledge and guidance that aligns with your business goals and objectives. As part of this consultation, indie brands will dive deep into the scope of your business vision so we can pop together a plan of attack for your debut range! Read our blog on how your vision comes to life at Orean here to learn more about what your journey would look like with us.

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