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Multi Function Products: Less Can Be More

Do multi function products have the potential to become one of the biggest trends in the personal care industry in the next couple of months? We can confidently say that these products are prospecting very well! However, if you are unsure whether multi function products are something that your brand could delve into, let us give you a few reasons why this could be a great opportunity for your company.

Multi function products give your brand an excellent chance to enter new areas of the beauty market that you haven’t yet explored. If you are currently selling only oils for the face, you can easily transform them into multi function products for the body, hair, and even into bath oils by adding extra ingredients. Tea tree oil is one of the multi functional products that can be used in many ways. This ingredient can be used for spot treatment, anti-dandruff solutions, or nourishing skin. Therefore, multi function products can create new opportunities and increase your company's areas of expertise.

Many well-known brands offer multi function products, without worry that they may have a negative impact on the sale of their other one-purpose products. Multi function products aim to target more than one sector of personal care, therefore they allow your company to expand the consumers you could hitherto reach.

It all comes down to the ingredients

Ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, and matcha tea powder, can be beneficial for more than one part of the body. By adding them to a cosmetic, they can be used to moisturise lips, dry spots, and reduce dark circles under the eyes. Likewise, products that contain retinol, retina, and glycolic can be used as anti-ageing cosmetics and anti-acne ones at the same time and ultimately become multi function products. For example, if you are considering launching an SPF cream, although you don’t necessarily want to invest in a completely new product, you can create a moisturising cream infused with SPF. Thus the product can have more than one feature. Infused cosmetics give you endless possibilities of combining and producing new multi functional products

Quality vs Quantity

Multi function products are also environmentally friendly. Multi function products require less packaging which equals less plastic waste, instead of producing 10 bottles for different types of cosmetics, you can use just one. Multi function products can positively improve your brand image, as more people tend to value companies that support sustainability.

Companies that aim to become more environmentally friendly tend to be more successful in targeting younger audiences. Reducing the production of one-use plastic products is on top of the list of what we should improve as a society. Therefore, multi function products are one of the ways to reduce plastic production and establish an eco-friendly brand image.

Multi function products are a great idea when it comes to light packing for traveling. Instead of bringing ten products on a trip, you can substitute them with two that will do the same job. Using fewer products can significantly reduce the time of the skincare routine. By taking out steps from the skincare routine, multi function products are excellent cosmetics for customers who are newcomers in the beauty care industry. Not only do they simplify the routine, but they also allow you to save time! Particularly middle-aged working people with kids, multi function products might be a real treasure for them!

Multi function products don't aim to replace one-purpose products. They will give your customers a choice whether they prefer using just one product or a few. Multi function products might be the best solution to gain new customers who want to start their journey with skincare but they are not necessarily willing to spend that much time and energy on performing a long-winded routine every day.

This is how we do it!

Multi function products can open new possibilities for your brand. Not only will you get a chance to keep adding to your offer the most trending ingredients, but they can also positively influence your brand image. Sustainability is amongst the most trending and important values that are currently extremely popular. Hence if sustainability is something that you are particularly passionate about we are strongly recommending checking out our blog Sustainable Beauty: Is Refillable Packaging The Future?

Our dedicated team will determine with you the most efficient ideas of products for your brand to satisfy your clients' needs and expectations. Our industry experts' passion and knowledge of the beauty industry, will ensure that all your cosmetic products are of the highest standard.

If you are searching for a trusted cosmetic manufacturer that specialises in skincare then we are perfect for you. Contact us today to start planning your company's next big step into multi function products world. And we will ensure to create multiple new opportunities for your brand growth.

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