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Product Development: How your vision comes to life at Orean

Product development at Orean Personal Care is no simple feat. We take all the steps necessary and plenty more too, to ensure that your finished product really hits the ground running. We’re as passionate about your beauty brand as you are, and that’s why we give our all to every single project we’re involved in.

From taking the time to understand your ideas, to seeing them on the shelves and beyond, we’re here to make your journey with Orean a successful one for your business. Take a look to see how our product development process will work for you.

Understanding Your Big Idea

Each and every one of our product development projects begins with you; our client. By discussing your aims and objectives, we can define our brief so that we can be sure we get it right the first time, every time. We take the time to understand the ins and outs of your brand and your customers, so we can ultimately be an extension of your own team. Once we’ve discussed your big idea, our chemists and account managers work closely with you to develop a bespoke product development plan that’s tailored to your exact needs and aspirations.

Our collaborative culture means that all of our teams work closely together to support every one of our product development projects. We’ll always keep you up to date with where your product is at, and you can be sure that from start to finish, your project runs to the exact specifications defined in the brief and always meets your deadlines.

Here at Orean, we pride ourselves on our expertise within the health and beauty industry, so you can be sure that your product development is always in line with industry best practices. We have access to all the major raw materials suppliers and we understand the ways to handle and store them safely. This means that all of our materials can maintain their high quality, and you can ultimately be sure that your products contain only the finest ingredients.

The Product Development Process

When the brief is in place and we’re all ready to go, our chemists get to work on making your idea a reality. We won’t just follow the brief to the letter, if we believe we can enhance the offering, we will present further options to allow for an informed choice. We want to build on your vision and ensure it’s a success, so we develop our products to make them deliver commercially for both you and your customers. Once the initial product development process has taken place, that’s when our quality control team steps in. Together, our chemists and quality control specialists produce hundreds of exceptional, premium cosmetic products, which go on to be sold worldwide, so you can feel confident that your brand and your products are in the safest of hands.

Once our chemists and quality control team are happy with your product development, that’s when production begins. Throughout this process, multiple Orean teams work closely together to make sure every step runs smoothly, and sticks to each element within the brief. When product development moves on to production, our talented team make it their priority to ensure that each and every product is filled and packed to perfection, before it’s time to send them off to our warehouse team for dispatch.

Due to the collaborative and ambitious nature of the Orean culture, we pride ourselves on making sure that every product development project we work on is finished and sent off to the shelves before our deadline. What’s more, from start to finish, the large scale production of your product is overseen by our experienced Process Chemist, so you can be sure that at every stage of your product development and production, quality is premium.

The Post-Production Journey

Our work doesn’t stop after your product has been shipped off to the shops, either. As each of our product development projects comes to a close, we carry out a post-production review to make sure that everything went smoothly. This means that we can understand how to overcome any challenges that we had, making for an even more streamlined process for the next run.

We also offer every one of our clients the exclusive opportunity to be featured in British Beauty Box. This premium cosmetic subscription package will mean your product can be seen and used by a completely new audience of UK and US customers who are keen to find the highest-quality British manufactured beauty products.

Your product development journey with Orean Personal Care will be a smooth and streamlined one from start to finish. Each of our projects is bespoke to you, your business and your objectives, so you can be sure that we’ll go the extra mile to make your finished product a success, every time. Get in touch with our experts for a product development experience that’s sure to leave you at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

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