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Product Packaging: Getting it right for your skincare range

Product packaging is the first thing your customers will see when they discover your range, so getting it right for your brand is essential. There are all sorts of aspects to take into account, such as the colours used, the copy on the packaging, and the material it’s made from. When you’re considering these things for your next product, make sure each element aligns with your brand values so that you can make the greatest, positive impact on your target audience.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks so that you can be prepared to create the product packaging that’ll really make your range stand out from the crowd.

Engaging Product Packaging

One of the first things to think about when it comes to your product packaging design is your logo, font and brand colours. These will influence the rest of your design, so you can be sure your product packaging is in keeping with your brand. You’ll also need to consider the copy you’ll need on your packaging to grab the attention of your customers, as well as give them all the information they’ll need about your product. The imagery on your product packaging is also very important. This could be patterns, illustrations or even some photography, so you’ll need to think about which visual elements match your brand the best, whilst also making sure that you have an impact on your ideal customers.

It’s so important that it’s clear what your product is, as soon as your packaging is seen. Your customers will be far less likely to buy a product if they’re not sure what it is, regardless of how beautiful the packaging is. You’ll need to create a design for your product packaging and also your outer and inner packaging, so that each stage of your customers’ experiences are tied in with your brand. Similar colours and materials should be used for each, and the inner packaging should also have protective qualities to make sure that your product arrives with your customers in pristine condition. You should also consider shelf impact, and what you want your products to look like, all lined up on a shelf. Take into account how much of your packaging will be visible to the customer, and also whether it stands out compared to the competition.

Your product packaging should have both aesthetic and functional properties, after all, the packaging is there for a purpose, yet it is also part of the product appeal. Minimalism is fairly popular for product packaging at the moment, and there are also many other elements you could consider. Foil blocking, Spot UV and embossing will really make aspects of your design pop. Light colours give brands a pure, clean feeling, which can be ideal for a beauty brand. Gloss material can give a feeling of luxury to your products, whereas matte white feels trendy and modern. There are no right or wrong design features, just as long as each element is crafted with your brand and your objectives in mind.

Practical Packaging

Always remember that packaging is first and foremost for protection and information, so always keep these things in mind when you’re designing your product packaging. Research the mandatory information that needs to be included on your product packaging, such as barcodes, ingredients, use by dates, batch numbers and any association logos.

Consider the size, material and fragility of your product, to guide your packaging design. You should also take into account the needs of your target audience. Products designed for an older demographic may require larger text, or more prestigious products may perform better with a feeling of luxury to their packaging. How your product will be sold is also an important factor. If you’re selling online then you’ll need to make sure your product is properly protected, and if you’re selling in-store, then you’ll want your product packaging to stand out against the competition.

Always proofread your packaging to make sure all the details are correct and you’ve included all the necessary information. Consider which material will be best for your product and for your brand. For instance, if you’re an ethical, organic brand, then an eco-friendly packaging to match is essential. Think about what will appeal the most to your target audience, and design your product packaging around them and their needs. In this day and age, a major piece of the packaging puzzle is sustainability. If your packaging is recyclable, refillable or reusable, you’re onto a winner. We’ll be addressing this in more detail in an upcoming blog, so make sure you keep your eyes on our website.

Developing Your Design

Your product packaging needs to look great, be practical, ship safely and align with your brand values. Ticking all of these boxes will allow you to drive sales and develop a loyal customer base. You could create an audience persona for each one of your products, so you can have an idea of how best to design your product packaging. Consider what you want your audience to feel when they see your packaging, and how you can create something that they’ll remember.

More and more consumers are looking for product packaging that is either recyclable or reusable in some way. With increasing consideration for the environment, it’s important to consider whether your packaging should be recyclable, or whether it would tie into your brand culture to have an alternative use for your packaging, such as a planter or a vase.

Once you’ve got some initial design ideas, collect feedback from your target audience, so you can gauge exactly the impact your product packaging is having on your customers. When it comes to your product packaging, remember that many consumers will be more likely to return to a business if they’re impressed by the packaging. What’s more, they’ll be more likely to showcase their purchase on social media, ultimately allowing your brand and your products to be discovered by a growing audience.

Here at Orean, our experts will work with you through every step of your journey. We’ll create the products and the packaging that’ll let you really stand out in the health and beauty business. Get in touch with our team to make a real impact in your industry.

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