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Quality Control at Orean: How we ensure only the best for your products

The quality control processes we have in place at Orean Personal Care are second to none. We’re proud of everything we produce, so we make sure that from start to finish, our quality control is of the highest standard, and our products are the best they can be.

We’re as passionate about your beauty brand as you are, and that’s why every single product we make goes through a meticulous quality control process, so you can have the confidence that your brand is in the safest hands and your products will impress the most sophisticated of shoppers.

Our Talented Teams

Here at Orean, we’re experts in producing premium skin and hair care products. This means that we can provide all the guidance and advice you need from developing and manufacturing your products, all the way to choosing the ingredients and the packaging that’ll see your products succeed. Our expertise means that you can have absolute assurance that the quality control of the products we produce for your brand is unmatched.

Once our chemists have designed and developed your perfect product, our quality control team steps in to ensure that everything is perfectly safe and of the highest Orean standards. Over the years, our chemists and quality control specialists have been responsible for developing hundreds of exceptional, premium skin and hair care products, which have gone on to be sold worldwide and celebrated in prestigious beauty and fashion outlets. With our Orean experts by your side, your product could be next.

Our production team also hold themselves to the highest standards when it comes to quality control. Every product is filled and packed exactly to the specification, meaning that quality shines through at each stage of your product development. Our large scale production is overseen every step of the way by our skilled process chemist, who ensures that quality control is paramount throughout.

Supporting our projects from the get-go are our customer service and procurement teams. These talented individuals ensure you’re kept in the loop at all times, and also make sure that everything is kept to the right specifications and deadlines. Our technical and development teams also have extensive compliance and expertise experience, meaning quality control is our number one priority across all our teams and during the entire production process.

Our Awards, Approvals and Accreditations

Specialising in luxury skin and hair care products, we’re proud of the award-winning reputation we’ve earned over the years for quality, service and speed. Our award-winning products have even been featured in high-end and prestigious outlets such as Vogue, Liberty London, Harvey Nichols and Good Housekeeping. These sorts of achievements really highlight the incredible quality of our products and our service.

As well as being fully-certified experts, Orean is also organically certified and part of the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance. Due to our attention to detail, our meticulous quality control and our excellent reputation, we’ve also been approved by associations such as ISO Quality Services LTD, FDA, Sedex and the Soil Association. Here at Orean, we’re proud to prioritise quality control within all of our teams and throughout every stage of our production, so that you can send only the most perfect products to the shelves.

Our Quality Control Processes

Our values are fundamental to all we do here at Orean, so you can be assured that every single stage of your product development is handled with integrity and expertise. All our teams take pride in ensuring that each and every one of the bespoke cosmetics we produce meets the highest industry standards. What’s more, we always comply with the absolute best industry practices in the handling and storage of our stock of raw materials, so you can be sure that your ingredients are of the highest quality.

We assist all of our clients in fulfilling each of the relevant regulatory requirements here in the UK, and we’ve also helped our clients outside of the UK to fulfil many overseas jurisdictions. Being experts in our field, we know all of the quality control standards for the UK and beyond. This means that you can have confidence that your new products will comply with all of the necessary requirements, so your products can get to the stores quickly as well as safely.

Every single member of the Orean team prides themselves on quality control. This means that through all the stages of your product development and beyond, quality and precision are essential throughout. If you’re looking to embark on a new product for your skin or hair care range, we’ll make sure that quality and trust shine through. Get in touch with our experts at Orean to create your next winning beauty product, confident in the knowledge that quality control will always be a priority.

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