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Scalp Care: The Must-Have Hair Product Right Now!

Feeling like you’re pulling your hair out at the moment? Those daily Zoom calls, and children running around in the background are sure to trigger your nerves. Is it any wonder that the personal care sector has seen a spike in scalp care products, since the beginning of last year?

As we step into 2021’s spring season, with the lack of hairdressers and salons, hair maintenance has come into our own hands. It’s fair enough to say that we have all seen plenty of hair transformations over the last few months due to lockdown (mullets, buzzcuts, fringes - you name it!) However, maintaining our locks has been a priority as hair care products have been flying off those supermarkets and online shelves.

Whether people have been keen on improving their hair growth, or hair health conditions, scalp care products have maintained popularity since the beginning of last year, and growth. Scalp care isn’t only for health conditions such as dandruff, but scalp care products strengthen roots and hairs to turnout into shiny manes that consumers desire. From soothing to revitalising; scalp care could be the ROOT that’ll take your next haircare range to new heights.

Soothing Scalp Care

It’s fair to say that usually, scalp care is towards the bottom of people’s grooming priority list. However, scalps require just as much attention as your skin and many people are now recognising this. Stress, exhaustion, and burnout take their toll on the skin. Did you realise your scalp is also a part of your skin? These struggles are having a significant impact on their head’s health. Ailments such as hair loss and dry scalps are commonly associated with stress. This, in turn, is just one of the reasons why scalp care is becoming increasingly popular in the hair sector, as COVID hurdles are resulting in stress levels being at an all-time high.

Do you remember the surge in hair dyes last year, too? If not maintained correctly, many experience dry scalps from the aftermath of these dyes and bleaching. Dry scalps often lead to dandruff, itchiness and in extreme cases, this can spread to other parts of your body. The itchiness can also be triggered by the cold winter weather. All of these factors have contributed to the incredible boost of scalp care products in the market. As daily skincare routines have become increasingly popular during the nationwide lockdown, this has had a domino effect on the types of skincare products consumers are purchasing. Besides, our scalps are part of our skin with oil glands and capillaries after all!

Ingredients such as zinc, witch hazel, and salicylic acid all have soothing qualities to calm itchy and dry scalps, whilst moisturising and emulsifying ingredients are key for scalp care products. Natural oils, aloe vera, and panthenol are the safest elements to add to your scalp care products too as those roots need natural moisture to revitalise that scalp! Avoiding any type of ingredient which could inflict itchiness or burning sensations is a must.

Boost Those Roots!

Many people have seen lockdown as a chance to grow their hair out. Monthly trims usually do the job (as your hairdresser may drum into you), but additional scalp care results in the growth of healthy luscious locks.

It all stems from the roots. Oils, serums, and sprays are usually how hair growth products are commonly presented. Scalp care products with the purpose to increase hair growth, have qualities that boost scalp circulation, strengthen the roots and rejuvenate healthy heads.

Quality ingredients are important to result in the creation of a premium product that exceeds consumer expectations. In order to meet consumer’s desires, careful consideration of product purpose and ingredients are crucial in order for product success. Oils are a primary ingredient in hair growth products. Natural oils have emulsifying qualities and additionally, bring a lustre and healthy shine to hair. Additionally, ingredients such as aloe vera act as a cleanser for the scalp, as this unblocks excess oils from the hair follicles. (This is also a great ingredient for anti-dandruff products too!)

Your next range could be in scalp care! These types of products are already popular, as dermatologists recommend certain these to those who suffer from hair loss, as well as dry and itchy scalps. It all boils down to natural, soothing, and moisturising qualities in the product to ensure the consumer gets the results they want, with the additional benefit of luscious, enviable locks.

Get in touch with our Orean experts today to tap into the Spring haircare trends, such as scalp care, and leap ahead of your competitors with an award-winning formula that will rock the socks off your consumers.

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