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Skincare for Men: A look into the industry

Skincare for men is a fast-growing market in the UK and all over the world. Everyone is affected by aging, UV, pollution and fatigue, so it makes perfect sense that men should use products to combat these things, just like so many women. In a world where empowerment and confidence are becoming increasingly important to so many demographics, widely available skincare for men is the next step towards a more accepting and diverse industry.

The Market for Skincare for Men

As inclusivity becomes more and more important to the beauty industry, we’re seeing an increasing number of skincare options which are being marketed in a fashion that’s more appealing to men, through colour, advertisements and branding. Many men from all sorts of different countries and backgrounds are now regularly using face creams and lotions on their skin, highlighting just how important facial and skin care maintenance is becoming to all kinds of male demographics.

Skincare for men is a growing market for young males in particular; older men are trickier to approach as there’s less interest from older males and many of them can find it challenging to adopt a new routine. This is why a growing number of companies who specialise in skincare for men are carefully crafting their messaging in order to market to a younger audience in consideration for when they grow older.

There are many important factors for consumers of the male skincare industry, with ethical, cruelty-free, sustainable skincare being at the forefront. Skincare for men is largely consumed by a younger demographic, who have a keen interest in environmental, eco-friendly and ethical products, so green skincare for men is a must. Another important topic in male-led industries is mental health, so taking an empowered approach to skincare for men will make a real difference. Encouraging men to feel confident in their own skin through products tailored to their needs will set your organisation apart from your competitors, allowing you to take the lead in this growing industry and have a positive impact on men around the world.

Masculine Ingredients

Dark colours have taken centre-stage in the branding for male skincare, so it’s no surprise that charcoal is a popular ingredient here. As well as its many benefits for the skin, charcoal products are also stylish and very attractive. Caffeine is also a popular ingredient for skincare for men, in particular for eye and body creams. Interestingly, male skin takes longer to repair and heal than female skin, and that’s why skincare for men often includes more vitamins and ingredients such as caffeine, to speed up this process for healthier skin.

Male skin is more susceptible to pigmentation and inflammation, and oil production is also more excessive on male skin. This is why there’s a need for an entirely different range of skincare for men than for women. These characteristics to male skin need to be treated differently with alternative ingredients to produce the most effective results.

Popular Products

As skincare for men rises in popularity, there are many new products popping up in the market. Beard oils, balms, creams, washes and pomades all keep hair soft and looking at its best, though these kinds of products have been around for some time already. As have shave creams and aftershave balms, but shave bars are now becoming increasingly popular due to their sustainable nature through less packaging and a smaller consumption of water. Hair loss and baldness is also a well-known problem in the male skincare market, so addressing these problems in a positive way is essential. Products specifically designed for scalp health or even hair retention are sure to go down a storm in the industry, as men are learning to be more confident in the skin they’re in.

Acne is just as much a problem for men as it is for women, so acne-resistant treatments are sure to be popular in the industry. This is where the anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil come in very handy, helping to effectively clear this condition. Men are also beginning to embrace the advantages of face masks and moisturisers, seeing the benefits they bring to their skin and their confidence. Another popular product within skincare for men is CBD. These products perform wonders for the skin, reducing inflammation, acne and eczema, as well as bringing an array of anti-aging effects that will appeal to the growing male market.

Skincare for men is including more and more anti-aging products as an increasing number of men realise the benefits of taking care of their skin as they get older. Ethical and sustainable products will also go down a storm in the skincare for men category, as this becomes a must-have for more and more consumers of the beauty industry. Skincare subscriptions for men are also proving popular. As skincare for men grows within the market, male consumers are beginning to learn which products will benefit them the most, and this is where subscription boxes work incredibly well. By offering a range of different products within the boxes, men can learn which products they prefer, and which work best for their skin, giving even more scope for growth within the skincare sector.

Skincare for men is becoming an increasingly important part to any beauty brand’s skincare strategy, as male-specific beauty products are getting more and more in-demand. Here at Orean, we’ve worked on a number of successful skincare ranges for men, and our experts are always researching what’s coming next for the industry. If you’re ready to take your beauty brand to the next level of inclusivity and popularity, get in touch with our team to make skincare for men your next venture.

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