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STEM Careers: Opportunities for young people at Orean

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2022! As a voice for STEM careers, we’re proud to be able to say we have a number of apprenticeship students working at Orean in differing departments. From Applied Science to Engineering, we’re proud to promote STEM careers, and address and increase the awareness of these types of fantastic job opportunities.

For years, there has been a STEM careers skills shortage, however, improved quality of teaching in science and technologies across the educational system has been proving to make a massive difference. In the UK, there has been an uptake in STEM-related subjects at school which has been suggested to show an impact on the next steps young people take once moving onto their next chapter. Whether that be apprenticeships, university degrees, work experience, or other forms of work placements, recent UCAS figures show that STEM careers popularity is on the rise! (Happy dance!) In the past 10 years, science and engineering STEM-related degrees acceptances in engineering courses have risen up 21%from 25,995 in 2011 to 31,545 in 2020.

I started an apprenticeship at Orean in March 2021 as part of my Supply Chain course. I enjoy learning new skills and knowledge and there are lots of opportunities for progression within the business” ~ Leah, Apprenticeship in Supply Chain

Equity in STEM Careers

For decades, the STEM careers workforce has represented one of the smallest percentages of the UK workforce. Even more so, minoritised communities make up the smaller percentage of those who are working in the STEM field. However, there has been a trend in recent years of the education systems, businesses, and employers becoming involved in the mission to educate young people on the awesome careers you can have.

Even better news, minoritised groups are showing a higher rate of interest in STEM careers subjects such as maths, science, engineering, and computer sciences now they are available to a wider demographic. For example, Between 2010 and 2020, the number of women accepted into full-time STEM careers undergraduate courses increased by 49%. In the same 10-year span, the number of UK 18-year-olds from disadvantaged backgrounds accepted into full-time undergraduate STEM careers courses increased by 79% - from 7,265 in 2010 to 13,040 in 2020.

Year by year, as trends highlight a steady increase in the STEM careers workforce, the future is looking bright for our field. (Plus, we can’t wait to see the ambitious young people we will be able to onboard at Orean!)

I am really enjoying my apprenticeship in Applied Science in the lab team as it is different every day. I am always busy learning new things and everyone is really friendly” ~ Aimee, Apprenticeship in Applied Science

Kickstart your career in STEM at Orean

Upskilling young people and providing a practical platform for talented individuals to develop a diverse range of skills is a key part of driving Orean forwards as an innovative and diverse business. We are continually finding new ways to develop and grow passionate individuals who are eager to climb the STEM careers ladder. The employment of apprentices within our business has helped us to continue building an exciting and highly skilled workforce! Our current apprentices Aimee, Leah, Ben, and Angel are all fantastic individuals who bring a fresh perspective and dynamic to our current workforce.

As an apprentice Engineer at Orean, I strongly recommend this job role to anyone who is just leaving school or to anyone willing to learn new skills and gain experience in an Engineering environment. ” ~ Ben, Apprenticeship in Engineering

We strive to deliver tailored training programs specific to individual apprenticeship needs for their STEM careers. It’s not only apprentices, in addition, but we also support young people who are seeking internships and year-long placements that are studying for an undergraduate degree in the field of STEM careers such as chemistry, cosmetic sciences, and engineering.

We’ve had young people who have moved on to other employers, but many who decided to continue working at Orean once they’d got their certificate! Nurturing new ideas and improving employability skills for the next generation of aspiring pioneers and leaders is something we care deeply about. We love working alongside apprenticeship providers, as we are put in touch with awesome young people whose ambition and passion for STEM careers is the perfect match to Orean’s celebrated values and diverse team.

Future STEM careers opportunities await at Orean! See how we can help shape the future of a young person close to you by getting in touch with our friendly team today.

All figures and statistics are from the latest UCAS statistics published week commencing 31st of January 2022.

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