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Sustainable Beauty: Aiming for ethical

Sustainable beauty is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds at the moment, and is only becoming more popular. With your customers becoming increasingly aware of their spending power, now’s the time to start taking sustainable beauty seriously. There are many advantages to working more ethically, not least attracting new customers. Using natural, sustainable products can often increase the quality of your sustainable beauty products, and will ultimately enhance your brand reputation.

The benefits of striving for sustainable beauty will often outweigh any additional investment required, so take a look at our blog to discover why ethical and eco-friendly is the way to go for your beauty brand.

What Is Sustainable Beauty?

Sustainable beauty covers all sorts of elements and can often be seen as subjective, which is why there are many blurred lines in the production of sustainable beauty products. However, when it comes to creating a sustainable beauty brand, transparency is key. Make it clear to your users that you’re aiming to be more ethical and exactly how you’re doing so, in order to gain their trust and their custom.

Natural ingredients and renewable raw materials are a big step toward sustainability. This is why it’s important to check your supply chain and make sure that your ingredients are always sourced responsibly. In order to take centre stage as a prominent sustainable beauty brand, it’s important that your products actively provide environmental benefits throughout their entire life cycle. This means avoiding those ingredients which cannot be regrown or replaced. In every step of your supply chain, your raw materials should not harm the environment in their production, their use or their disposal. This is why recyclable materials and packaging is so important when it comes to sustainable beauty.

Improve Quality

Whilst synthetic materials can work very effectively in beauty products, and in some cases, they can actually be more eco-friendly, natural ingredients can also improve the quality of your beauty products. This is why it’s so important to do your research before taking the plunge into the production of your next range, to pinpoint the ingredients that will be better for your customers as well as kinder to the environment. Taking into account your environmental responsibility as well as the quality of every one of your ingredients will ultimately increase the effectiveness of your sustainable beauty products, and the long-term health of your consumers. This is sure to let your products have real shelf appeal, which will let you enjoy a trustworthy and high-quality reputation.

Attract Customers

A growing number of consumers are caring more and more about their environmental responsibility, so being aware of your own environmental impact as a company, will naturally attract them to your sustainable beauty products. Having an ethical position in the market will also improve your brand reputation. By proving that you’re committed to sustainability as well as quality, it shows your potential customers that you are deserving of both their trust and their custom, which is sure to see them lining up at your door.

By focusing on your corporate responsibility in this way, you’re showing your users that you’re aware of your environmental impact, and you’re searching for the ways that will allow you to minimise it, ultimately allowing them to feel better about shopping with you. As we collectively work towards a more ethical planet, sustainable beauty is one trend that won’t ever be taking the back seat. Striving for ethical beauty now will allow your brand to continue attracting new customers and stand out as a leader within the sustainable beauty industry.

What Next?

If you’re taking the plunge into producing more sustainable beauty products, there are plenty of possibilities for you to explore that’ll put your brand on the ethical pedestal. When it comes to your products themselves, now’s the time to consider making them both vegan and cruelty-free. These are becoming increasingly important to a lot of consumers, alongside organic and sustainable ingredients, so it’s certainly worth exploring these for each of your skin and hair care ranges. Sustainable palm oil is also high on consumers’ agendas when it comes to their beauty product purchasing, so ensuring this ingredient is responsibly sourced is paramount to your holding up your ethical reputation.

Recyclable or reusable packaging is also an important factor in sustainable beauty. Making sure your packaging is considerate of the environment is sure to make your products stand out against the competition. Glosses and foils can harm the environment and make it more difficult to recycle your packaging, so try to avoid these elements when you’re aiming for sustainability. You should also consider creating a range of bigger bottles or containers so that your customers have the option of purchasing fewer products, ultimately having a friendlier effect on the environment.

Here at Orean, we’re proud to be certified by all sorts of associations that show our commitment to sustainable beauty. As well as taking care in the sourcing of each of our raw materials, we’re working with RSPO to make sure that all the way down our supply chain, the palm oil we use in our products is sustainable and ethical, as well as being fairly priced and from authorised sources.

With integrity and ambition at the heart of everything we do at Orean, we’re always striving to be more sustainable, with an open and transparent approach. We’ll work with you from start to finish so that you can be sure your sustainable beauty products are ethical and eco-friendly. From the initial product development right through to packaging design, we’ll make sure your products tick all the sustainability boxes. Get in touch with our ethical experts to start taking all the right steps towards responsible beauty.

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