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Sustainable Beauty: Is Refillable Packaging The Future?

Sustainable beauty is at the forefront of the cosmetic industry right now. Brands are switching to eco-friendly materials for their product packaging, and right down to their cosmetic suppliers. Sustainable beauty is more than just a trend. It has derived from the eco-conscious attitudes that have been adopted and has had a direct impact on our industries; particularly the cosmetic industry.

As sustainable beauty takes centre stage, one upcoming trend that has been born is refillable cosmetic packaging. There are many skincare brands that have already distributed products with refillable packaging.

What is sustainable beauty?

First things first, in order to establish why and what refillable packaging means, let’s establish how the idea was born.

As sustainable beauty is becoming the crucial key to beauty brand success and solidarity, what are businesses already doing to go green? Products that consist of natural and responsible sourced raw ingredients are considered to be sustainable. Equally, the cosmetic manufacturer needs to ensure sustainable steps in order to reduce their carbon footprint. (By the way, this is what we do at Orean!)

In regards to cosmetic packaging within the sustainable beauty sector, products are made for single-use. Therefore, in order to appease consumers, they opt for recyclable and reusable materials such as biodegradable plastics, and high-quality, sustainable packaging that will last the product’s lifetime.

But the industry is going one step further, and refillable packaging is set to be BIG this year.

The Dawn of a New Beauty Era

As a new era dawns, consumers are demanding more than just recyclable packaging, they want it to be reusable! With this new sustainable beauty trend already causing ripples in the beauty industry, the logistics of this type of product are crucial to be carefully considered moving forwards.

From a consumer perspective, there would be more effort in being responsible for heading to the store, or ordering online ‘refillables’ for your product rather than purchasing the usual, one-time buy. This has been considered with cosmetic companies, hence in order to push this sustainable beauty fixture, incentives have been presented so the consumer will save money. Incentives such as reward schemes or loyalty card savings on in-store refills. This push towards responsible, sustainable shopping is if anything a triumphant innovation which the beauty industry has grasped and taken hold of in order to do its part for the planet as an international market.

Refillable Packaging; Yay or Nay?

You’re perhaps wondering how refillable packaging products look, and whether brands are able to achieve attractive packaging, whilst being practical in the sustainable beauty sector. Refillable packaging has been opted by skincare brands, such as flexible refillable pouches.

Flexible packaging provides superior barrier protection, ensuring that the product is safe, secure, and isn’t in danger of leakages or easy breakage. This additionally protects the product from exposure to sunlight, oxygen, bacteria, and moisture. However, the only problem which lies with flexible packaging is that currently, this material cannot be traditionally recycled.

Other brands have opted for biodegradable, refillable packaging for deodorants. This ultimately provides a long-term, sustainable beauty solution for their product packaging as opposed to other, more traditional packaging options.

Despite the debate, beauty brands who are doing refillable packaging right are already seeing fantastic results and return on investment. Despite being a newcomer in the beauty world, they’ve already established themselves as being the first to create such an innovative product packaging.

Ultimately, choosing refillable product packaging adds value, and quality to your products, as consumers will be able to see that you’re actively moving towards sustainability, which is a huge attraction for consumers in the current market.

Time to Say Hello to The Sustainable Beauty Market?

With this step in the sustainable beauty sector moving forwards, this trend is set to make a strong lead from this year onwards; it is certainly one to keep an eye on! From cosmetic packaging to responsibly sourced ingredients for your bespoke products, you could make waves with a new sustainable skincare or haircare range.

At Orean, we’re always seeking and tracking the latest movements within the skincare and haircare sector, in order to provide our clients with innovative, research-driven, creative ideas on where to take their next range. Get in touch with our Orean experts to discover the path to sustainable beauty!

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