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Sustainable Skincare: Upcoming 2021 Trends

Sustainable skincare is taking this sector of the beauty industry by storm! As societal attitudes are shifting towards an eco-conscious mindset, this is having a domino effect on many industries, particularly in the beauty realm.

Consumers are becoming more cautious where they’re placing their purse, and are opting for sustainable skincare products. This is a surging trend that is looking set to stay, as market research suggests that in the next decade there will be a huge increase in consumers buying more sustainable and ethical beauty products.

What exactly is sustainable skincare?

Now sustainable and sustainability are words we hear thrown around a lot, however, what does it exactly mean if a brand claims to have sustainable skincare products?

In order to have a sustainable skincare range, there are three boxes your brand needs to ultimately tick; natural and renewable ingredients, sustainable processes, and considered cosmetic packaging.

When it comes to the recipes in your range, you need to be confident that your products are in the safe hands of accredited, cosmetic manufacturers who practice sustainable processes and who use renewable energy sources, in order to limit your carbon footprint on the planet.

But, on a considered note you need to ensure that you’re using cosmetic suppliers who do not use toxic chemicals, who instead use natural ingredients, that are renewable. Especially, ensuring that the ingredients are by no means hazardous to our planet, and use ethically sourced suppliers who share the same values.

Additionally, eco-friendly cosmetic packaging for your sustainable skincare products ticks the final box in order to class your range as ‘sustainable’. Recyclable or biodegradable plastics are eco-friendly materials that really enhance the sustainability of your brand. This is a major stage of product development at Orean we take care of for our clients.

Of course, we do all of the above at Orean! We’re passionate about taking care of our planet and working towards a greener future.

Sustainable Skincare and Ethical Skincare: Aren’t They The Same Thing?

You may be slightly confused between the statements of sustainable skincare and ethical skincare. The two essentially go hand in hand, however ethical skincare boils down to external factors such as responsible resourcing and cruelty-free testing.

Ethical and sustainable skincare products stem from the ingredients, as primarily, these beauty products contain natural, and organic ingredients rather than harsh, artificial chemicals that can be harmful to our environment and skin too.

As an ethical and sustainable skincare manufacturer, we ensure that the testing of the products is cruelty-free, with zero animal testing. PETA and CCF, for example, accredit brands for not using animal-testing in the production of their products. This is another process at Orean we do not tolerate. We opt for a more ethical approach in order to ensure our products exceed expectations and meet our client’s specified criteria.

However, because a product is cruelty free this doesn’t mean that it is vegan. This is a different category of skincare products, meaning that there are no animal or animal byproducts included such as honey, lanolin, and collagen.

Ultimately, there are many crossovers within these definitions and it is extremely important to understand your consumer’s needs without confusion.

Sustainable Beauty: Products that use responsible and environmentally friendly product formulations, production processes, and considered cosmetic packaging.

Ethical Beauty: Brands that use cruelty-free testing processes and have natural, organic ingredients in their beauty products.

Vegan Beauty: Products that have zero animal or animal by-products in their ingredients.

Switching to Sustainable

Is your brand working towards sustainability?

It’s all the small things that add up to create a bigger change for a positive impact on our planet. Acts such as switching to renewable energy resources and practicing sustainable processes within product development makes your products considered to be sustainable.

With mindsets evolving and environmental awareness increasing, sustainable skincare and other beauty products are on the uprise, as consumers are becoming more careful where they’re placing their money.

Keep ahead with trends and team up with a trusted cosmetic manufacturer to create your next brand. At Orean, we have taken steps towards a sustainable approach as just one of the things we have done is invest in solar panels to generate our energy at our HQ in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our industry experts to begin the process of creating your next, bespoke, sustainable skincare range!

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