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Sustainable Sourcing and Ethics in Cosmetics

Sustainable sourcing refers to the process of selecting suppliers that consider social, ethical, and environmental factors and is the extension of any company’s corporate social responsibility. As an ethics-first manufacturer, we take into careful consideration details such as these when choosing who we decide to partner with and have as a key supplier. Each of the suppliers we are in partnership with shares ethical values that align with our mission statement of building better beauty in every aspect.

Sustainable sourcing matters. Being proactive in opting for sustainable sourcing practices is integral to nurturing biodiversity, protecting workers' basic human rights at all costs, and abolishing child labour within the supply chains across all industries. Legal acts such as the Modern Slavery Act and Nagoya Protocol are in place to ensure sustainable supply chains are the standard. There is still a long way to go for sustainable sourcing and supply chain ethics to change on a wider operation scale, however business by business, industry by the industry we can achieve a greater positive impact in our societies.

Our Suppliers

As Patrons of the British Beauty Council, we aim to increase transparency within the cosmetic industry and drive positive changes toward sustainable supply chain management and ethical practices in beauty. Hence why we’ve disclosed our supplier list which makes up 80% of Orean’s annual sustainable sourcing of priority raw materials. Please see below:



The majority of our fantastic suppliers we have built and enjoyed strong long-term relationships with. We not only enjoy such relationships with our suppliers, but also with our clients whose brands are pioneering positive movements through the use of innovative beauty products that come from our sustainable sourcing methods.

Beauty Responsibility Benefits

Consumer behaviours are transforming as lifestyle choices are influencing buying habits. It’s not only Gen Zers and Zers, but consumers across all generations are pushing brands to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Harvard Business School reported that sustainable products have 5.6% higher average sales growth (Harvard Business Review, Whelan, Tensie and Kronthal-Sacco, Randi, 19/06/2019) in comparison to those that are not marketed as sustainable. In addition to this, the majority of buyers are willing to spend more on ethical beauty brands than those who are not. These statistics show that transparency is a key player in terms of how these brands are choosing to communicate to their audience.

From the product to packaging to the manufacturer, beauty brands place themselves on an ethical pedestal when partnering with a cosmetic manufacturer that has a sustainable supply chain. Choosing to partner with a cosmetic manufacturer that opts for sustainable sourcing is a powerful collaboration that can not only boost your brand image and credibility but also expand your product into new markets and territories.

Importance of sustainable sourcing in cosmetics

Manufacturing is one of the biggest industries that have the biggest impact on the environment. Opting for sustainable sourcing and operations will minimise the negative impact on our planet and the workers within the supply chain. As a registered processor for Fair Trade Certified Products, we are absolutely committed to ensuring that all of our products are sustainably sourced and are compliant with Mass Balance Grades.

On top of being partners with our ethical suppliers, the ingredients we use within our premium formulas do good for the planet too. For example, the palm oil we use in our products is RSPO Certified; its incredible properties increase the shelf life of our products. Utilising incredible ingredients such as these from sustainable sourcing places our clients far ahead of their competition.

Building Better Manufacturing

At Orean, our sustainable commitment goes beyond sourcing raw materials. We use eco-efficient energy resources to minimise our environmental impact. Changes we have in place include 90% of the lighting in our warehouses being LED powered, we recycle rainwater for our water usage and our forklift trucks are powered by lithium batteries. Now officially a carbon-neutral company, we’re committed to going above and beyond to educate others in our sector about the positive changes that can happen within manufacturing.

With integrity being one of our core values, we strive to be open, straightforward, and fair in everything we do, so that means ensuring that all of our raw materials, ingredients, and processes are ethical and honest - starting with sustainable sourcing. Partner with Orean to reap the benefits of sustainable sourcing and ethics in cosmetics.

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