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The Best Haircare Trends for 2022

Wondering what the best haircare products of the New Year will look like? If you are in the midst of considering what your new season range could look like read on and become enlightened on the best haircare trends that are set to take this sector by storm! The best haircare products to focus on next year can be easily divided into four main categories:

  • Natural formulas products (sustainable beauty)

  • Jelly texture cosmetics

  • Colouring conditioners

  • Skinification of hair

If you are not familiar with any or all of these products, keep reading for the best haircare trends that will inspire visions for your next range!

The Best Haircare Trends #1: Natural Formulas

Let’s start with natural formulas products. Natural cosmetics have been amongst the best haircare products for the past few years. Of course, we are not surprised by their popularity, as they are not only great skin products, but they are a part of sustainable beauty! At Orean, we value our eco-friendly approach and every attempt to create a more sustainable future for the personal care industry. The best haircare natural products ought to include ingredients that will nourish not only the hair itself but also the scalp. Particularly during the covid outbreak, people become more much vivid to take care of their head skin. Ingredients, such as tea tree oil and amla oil will help to maintain balanced scalp conditions and healthy strands. Natural oils such as Amla, Rosemary, Jojoba, and Argan also help to moisturise and nourish the hair and scalp. In contrast, the best haircare natural products should refer to include in their composition ingredients such as sulfates, silicones, and parabens, as they tend to be damaging for hair and skin.

The best haircare trend #2: Jelly Texture Cosmetics

The jelly texture products are also featured products amongst the best haircare trends, that are definitely worth your attention! Particularly if you want to target younger audiences, such as Gen Z, who demonstrated high interest in personal care products that are fun to use. The different look and texture of your product will ensure your brand's fresh image and will add a bit of playfulness and sensory satisfaction to the process of application. Jelly haircare products originally came from the K-beauty boom and reinvented product application. Not only are the jelly texture products a new enjoyable and exciting experience during use for your customers, but they also add the feeling of lightness. Especially during the summer period, these kinds of products will enhance hydrating and cooling functions.

The best haircare trend #3: Colouring Hair Conditioners

Colouring hair conditioners have undoubtedly deserved their place to be listed amongst the best haircare trends! Not only do they help to strengthen the hair texture, but they also protect them from harmful UV rays and heat damage. Additionally, they allow your customers to experiment with different fun hair colours (only if someone has already coloured their though!). Moreover, these conditioners can be a great help with slowing down the process of stripping the hair colour each time that it is being washed. Although if they are used on natural hair, the pigments infused in the formula can enhance the natural colour or neutralise uneven tones. With all these assets, is there any wonder why colouring conditioners? And considered to be one of the best haircare products?

The best haircare trend #4: Skinfication of hair

The last but most certainly not the least important among the best haircare trend is skinification of hair. As a result of the significant growth in the popularity of skincare, the need for more sophisticated formulas and richer ingredients has become a real market demand. Skinification is a result of the increased customer’s knowledge regarding health aspects of personal care and the influence of particular ingredients upon skin and hair wellbeing. Thus it increased the emergence of a new subcategory of haircare products that will be as specific as the skincare sector.

Skinfication trend is based upon the idea that haircare should include similar or even the same ingredients as skincare products. The best haircare products should concentrate on the anatomy of hair and scalp, to formulate the most effective formulas. For example one of the ingredients that can be used equally in haircare and facecare cosmetics is charcoal. That is known for its cleansing properties to remove the impurities of the scalp.

To support healthy hair growth

Do it right with Orean

We are extremely excited about all the new trends that we can expect in 2022. Our passion for cosmetic manufacturing and creating new innovative formulas to improve the quality of all of our products is our resolution each and every year. If you are looking for a trusted and experienced cosmetic manufacturer, that will exceed your expectations, we are perfect for you. Contact our dedicated team who will support you every step of the process towards success.

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