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Waterless Skincare is the Future of The Cosmetics Industry

Do you know why waterless skincare products will remain a crucial part of the market for personal care? Once upon a time, you might have thought water would never run out and looked at it as the most accessible and basic cosmetic ingredient, however, this is evidently not the case. As water covers 70% of our planet, freshwater that we drink, bathe in, and put into cosmetics is incredibly rare. Only 3% of the world’s water.

The fresh water that we use daily, is also the dominant ingredient in the majority of cosmetics that we use. Environmental experts predict that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages.

Therefore waterless skincare is one of the most important steps to initiate a more sustainable beauty industry. Orean experts work extensively to create waterless skincare formulas to the highest standard.

Why you don’t need aqua in your cosmetics

Whilst water traditionally cleanses, hydrates, and maintains our skin’s natural moisturiser, the excessive use of it in our skincare products can cause some challenges. Once water vaporizes, it can reduce our skin’s natural oils. What’s worse, skin can unfavourably react with fragrances, and colorants once the water evaporates. In the most extreme situation such a reaction between vaporizing water and fragrances can cause breakouts and inflamed irritated skin.

Another great aspect of waterless skincare products is that they can contain higher levels of active ingredients. As in the majority of cosmetics, aqua is listed as first, which means that the product contains the highest amount of that ingredient. Thus formulating waterless skincare products, equals more “space” for active ingredients, that will make cosmetics more potent. Therefore not only is waterless skincare better for the environment, but it is also more efficient for our skin!

To ensure that the waterless skincare products we manufacture are the highest-quality, our chemists work on brand new innovative formulas to exceed you and your clients' expectations. With a vast knowledge of the cosmetic industry, our talented Chemists have created ground-breaking formulas for waterless skincare products.

Orean’s Sustainable Solutions

One of our number one waterless skincare products is powder body wash. A unique formulated powder, consisting of fine particles mixed with hot water, creates a foaming liquid gel. Not only is it a fantastic sustainable waterless skincare product, but it is also gentle on your skin. To ensure it will be creamy and pleasurable to use, its formula contains solagum tara, which is a natural thickener. Moreover, our powder body wash is part of our amazing vegan cosmetics family.

Another top-notch waterless skincare product that we offer is a solid cleansing bar. It’s a multi-functional bar that you can use to wash, both your skin and hair. If you are interested in the multiple benefits of multi-purpose products, check out our earlier blog Multi Function Products: Less Can Be More. Our solid cleansing bar is formulated with minimal water use, it is sulfate-free, and it is ORGANIC! Moreover, it contains great oils for your skin and hair such as argan oil, coconut oil, and oat oil. That will maintain your skin and hair moisturized and nourished.

Not only is our multi-function cleansing bar great for your skin and hair, but it also doesn't need a plastic bottle to pack it! We are extremely proud to offer our clients amazing alternatives to plastic packaging, such as biodegradable options. Swapping plastic containers with eco-friendly solutions will positively influence your brand image as more environmentally friendly. Therefore, not only is this product better for our planet, as it contains less water than its liquid version, it lowers plastic production. We know after hearing so many positive aspects of waterless skincare you start to wonder why you didn’t invest in them earlier! But don’t worry, it’s not too late! We are thrilled to guide you through this new exciting opportunity of launching your first waterless skincare cosmetics!

Become waterless with Orean

Although if you are still unsure, whether waterless skincare is something that your brand could be interested in, try to keep in mind that this is not a temporary trend or fad. As Mintel introduced “Water: New Luxury”, as part of its 2025 Beauty and Personal Care trends, water will become a limited resource in the cosmetics industry. With water reserves running low, it is essential to adjust to new conditions, and start making incremental changes in personal care products. Shifting to waterless skincare will mean swapping old-fashioned and environmentally unfriendly solutions for preservation.

The body powder washes and solid cleansing bar are just two of the innovative waterless skincare products that we offer. Driven by passion and knowledge our experts aim to create the best solutions to replace water-containing products with the most efficient waterless skincare. To explore all the possibilities you can have through working with our company, contact our dedicated team today to find out how together we can create a more sustainable cosmetic industry!

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