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What Gen Z wants from beauty brands

Beauty brands have begun to pay increasingly more attention to Gen Z consumers for many reasons. Not only does Gen Z tend to set trends and influence the market, but as Klarna revealed they spend more money on skincare products than any other age group. Beauty brands are experiencing a transformation due to Gen Z's enthusiasm for skincare products and a sophisticated appreciation of ingredients. Moreover, according to Kantar's study, during the pandemic, Gen Z was the only generation that enabled any growth in the beauty industry. With that in mind, all aspiring beauty brands that aim to target younger generations should become a bit more familiar with how to approach and meet Gen Z customers' demands.

Understanding Gen Z

Gen Z's shopping habits and preferences differ from other generations, as they tend to value more ethical and sustainable beauty brands, hence it is crucial to meet certain demands that will ultimately be a decisive factor for them.

Therefore this blog will include all the essential information on how to effectively target younger customers as a beauty brand. As we mentioned before, Gen Z is significantly different from any other generation, and to gain a basic understanding of how to tailor your beauty products to them it is important to understand their few main characteristics.

What you should focus on as a beauty brand

Hyper-awareness - not only Gen Z will research the ingredients that the product contains, but also how sustainable and moral the brand is. Ultimately, they want to buy cosmetics that make them feel good about themselves. Therefore if you are a beauty brand that cares about being sustainable read our to find out how you can further embrace that through working with us.

Radical Inclusivity - As Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation (yet), they expect to see this level of diversity reflected in the beauty industry. Diversity and inclusion need to be a baseline for all beauty brands that are future-ready. As Klarn revealed, 40% of Gen Z and 31% of Millennials consider diversity and inclusion to be the most important factor when choosing a beauty brand. If you want to find out more about inclusive beauty read our blog here for more information.

New masculinity - In the 21st century, it is not a secret that men also take care of their skin, and require more attention from beauty brands than a few years ago. With the increasingly growing male skincare market, we are fully aware of how important it is to address their demands accordingly. More importantly, Gen Z strongly embraces gender-neutral cosmetics that equally target all genders without excluding anyone. Therefore, this can be achieved through choosing neutral colours for your packaging.

Hybrid products and Skinimalism - Many beauty brands began to see the benefits of creating hybrid products. Not only they are amazing time savers for busy adults, but younger generations also tend to value these products in particular. With the rise of embracing skin's natural look and texture, skinimalism allows keeping everything very simple without having an excessive amount of products. It also positively contributes to minimalising plastic pollution, due to a much lower quantity of needed packing.

Is your beauty brand feature ready?

If you are amongst beauty brands that aspire to stay on top and up to date with the latest industry movements it is the highest time to give some more attention to Gen Z. Being future-ready means you know how important it is to listen to your customers and their demands. For instance, Gen Z can’t imagine their skincare routine without the use of a cleanser. Knowing how that product is significantly important to them you can effectively capitalise on actual demand for the product. Embracing their values such as being an ethical and sustainable brand will help you resonate with Gen Z on a more authentic level.

Work with Orean

At Orean, our sustainable commitment goes beyond sourcing raw materials, we are also a carbon-neutral company, and we’re committed to educating others in our sector about the positive changes that can happen within manufacturing. If you are looking for a trusted cosmetics manufacturer that will reflect your values and help you stay up to date with the most significant industry trends and movements get in touch with our Orean experts for more information.

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