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Why Vegan Skincare Is a Trend Here to Stay!

Have you introduced vegan skincare into your range yet? Why? We’re beginning to see an increased demand for vegan cosmetics, from vegan skincare to haircare to beauty; it is becoming all the rage in consumer popularity. This trend has begun to arise in the cosmetics industry. Want to know why introducing not only organic, but vegan skincare products into your range could benefit your brand? Well, keep reading on...

Veganism Isn’t Only a Dietary Choice

Commonly associated with diet alone, veganism is now taking the cosmetic world by storm. Especially vegan skincare products. In the last couple of years, the market has seen an increase in demand for vegan cosmetic products. Opting towards veganism and organic ingredients in your skincare products is enabling brands to reach a highly relevant and engaged audience. Accomplished by crafting a range that’s suited to their needs.

Benefits of Vegan Skincare in Your Regime

So, let’s rewind and define exactly what veganism is to those who may not be aware of the increasingly popular lifestyle choice; vegan products are plant-based and natural, avoiding excessive processing with any additional derivatives.

Now, the beauty of vegan skincare products is that there would be no risk of skin irritation from harsh chemicals such as mineral oils, parabens, and artificial fragrances. More and more frequently, consumers are choosing the products which have ‘non-artificial’ and ‘biodegradable’ across their packaging due to the shift in social attitudes towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

The nourishing, exfoliating, cleansing that the natural ingredients in vegan skincare products will ensure the reduction of blockages of consumer’s pores, leaving their skin feeling revitalized and ready to take on their day!

Organic Skincare vs. Vegan Skincare, What’s the Difference?

Now you may be thinking ‘Hang on, isn’t vegan skincare the same as organic ingredients in skincare?’ They are incredibly similar with some crossovers, however generally speaking a product defined as vegan has zero traces of animal-related origin, for example, milk and honey.

Organic skincare products will usually have the Soil Association Organic logo on their packaging, to certify that the product is organic. Organic means the ingredients in the product are sourced and manufactured using organically-farmed ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and fragrances.

So for example, organic milk is often an ingredient used in skincare products meaning this isn’t vegan, but organic in the nature of the brand’s sustainable processes.

In regards to the market, it’s important to note that some consumers want vegan skincare products, and some prefer organic skincare products, however, a general market trend indicates that more and more people are looking to tick both boxes with their purchases.

Why Beauty Brands are Going Vegan

Brands across the beauty industry are opting to have a line of vegan products, primarily vegan skincare. As well as social attitudes influencing this shift in consumer behavior, there’s the additional nutritional value and health benefits these products have on our skin.

There are many different types of skin ailments that people suffer from causing oily skin, dry skin, extra sensitive, spotty skin, redness - the list goes on! This is why normally, those skincare products which have natural ingredients in them generally benefit more skin types because of their unique ingredients.

Those brands who choose to include vegan skincare or organic skincare in their range, ultimately increase brand advocates, creating more noise about your products!

Opting for organic or vegan skincare products is a healthy lifestyle choice consumers are invested in and any beauty brand that recognises this trend will attract a larger audience.

Don’t Wait, Take a Look at the Forecast for Vegan Cosmetics!

The cosmetics market is consistently growing and in the next decade, it is expected to continue doing so. Due to shifts in social attitudes, concern for our environment and on-going stricter government regulations regarding animal testing across the globe, cosmetic manufacturers and beauty brands are increasingly opting for organic and vegan-friendly ranges. Especially sectors such as vegan skincare, haircare, and make-up, as consumers become mindful of how they spend their money contributing to a greater cause.

A huge influence on consumer behaviors with beauty brands is whether or not they test on animals. This is a major factor that will put off people buying the product. Animal rights such as PETA consistently raise awareness of this industry issue which is why you will see many other major brands such as NYX, Charlotte Tilbury, and Urban Decay not test on animals.

We take pride in our own sustainable supply chain and processes at Orean. Our experts pride themselves on keeping ahead of the cosmetic curve, which means our clients can reap the rewards of a relevant range that brings real results.

At Orean, we’re proud of our own ethical practices, creating quality, sustainable products for our clients; bespoke to their brand. If you’re interested in introducing vegan skincare or haircare products to your range, get in touch with us today and get ahead of the trend that is set to stay.

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