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Your Cosmetic Packaging is Crucial to Your Brand’s Success!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Have you ever taken a thought about the cosmetic packaging of your favourite beauty products?

As consumers, we’re immediately attracted to eye-catching cosmetic packaging which strongly influences upon our decision to purchase the product. However, the look of beauty products isn’t the only factor that matters. The safety, protection, and durability of the cosmetic packaging matters a lot. If your cosmetic packaging does exceed expectations of quality, your brand will ultimately massively sell to retailers.

So, when it comes to cosmetic packaging, there are a whole lot of elements to take into account to ensure your own products fly off the shelves!

Maintaining Quality at Each and Every Stage

Whenever a product is purchased, consumers have high expectations to be met ensuring the protection of the product. Additionally, maintaining the quality of the beauty product inside the cosmetic packaging will prolong the life of your product.

Cosmetic products are similar to food and drinks, in the sense that they’re more likely to become outdated and lose a lot of their quality faster than the expiry date suggests if they’re not packaged properly. Additionally, when a consumer purchases your product they don’t want to get home and expect to find there has been a huge spillage of the product inside their bag or the casing of the product has become damaged. Having great quality cosmetic packaging means durability and high-quality products. Following this, a good label will be put on your brand with positive consumer reviews. This will lead to a natural increase in consumer interest in your product.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability and eco-awareness is an increasingly important social attitude we’re seeing taking effect in multiple industries. Particularly the beauty industry as we’re seeing a boom in this sector worldwide as of recent years.

This is why using appropriate sustainable cosmetic packaging will not only reduce risk factors such as leakages or any other damage to your product but will also prolong your product’s shelf life! For example, appropriate glass casing for a product protects the cosmetic product from being exposed to oxygen, which can affect product quality.

Many consumers don’t even realise that there’s an expiration date with their favourite beauty products and will use it till they run out, this is why effective cosmetic packaging in recognising this consumer behaviour will set your brand one step ahead of other competitors. Using sustainable cosmetic packaging will only enable your range to live a longer, healthier shelf life reducing production costs.

As the saying always goes, it’s all about quality, not quantity and consumers know this and opt to purchase high-end beauty products trusting that the quality of the product will last a long time. Consumers are actively looking for more sustainable products, in both the ingredients used and the cosmetic packaging i.e biodegradable, refillable, recycled materials.

Attraction Causes a Positive Chain Reaction!

Baring in mind all of the above, the look of your cosmetic packaging must of course align with your branding in order to stamp the identity of your brand amongst other competitors. It is crucial that cosmetic companies consider factors such as design and materials used to attract the target market.

Plastics are a commonly used material for cosmetic packaging, as there’s less risk of any damage and still maintains the high quality of your product. However, an upward trend we are noticing are brands moving towards bioplastics in becoming more eco-conscious.

Glass is another popular material, which is often used to package high-end products such as perfumes, cosmetics or skincare products. Even though this material is more prone to damage, there’s a more decorative aesthetic attached to this material and adds an element of luxury. This, of course, depends on your target market. Regardless of this, it all boils down to the image and tone of your brand that you want to show off.

Additional exterior factors such as temperature, sunlight and type of plastic/glass all could affect the quality of your finished product so choosing cosmetic packaging that justifies all of the listed criteria is incredibly important.

On top of the quality of your cosmetic packaging, ensure the attraction of the packaging aligns with your brand identity. Once you’ve passed all the health and safety checks, there is one more very important element your cosmetic packaging must have to avoid litigation risks.

At Orean, we work with you to craft the most beneficial packaging for your brand and for your product to ensure the perfect finish to your bespoke beauty range. We provide expertise and guidance throughout the entire cosmetic production process, with extensive knowledge of both the ingredients of

your skincare products and the cosmetic packaging. Through…. chemists and quality control teams bring your products to life!

Additional note: Under the EU Cosmetic Regulation, there is information that must be displayed upon your cosmetic packaging for consumer safety such as expiration date, declaration of ingredients, warnings etc.

Get in touch with us to ensure the perfect craft of your beauty range from the inside, out.

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